GE 6V6 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here GE 6V6 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. Main-Decoder. The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. The first of this family of tubes to be introduced The data sheet information supplied by the tube manufacturers design centers, list the typical operation of an audio output stage for a single 6V6 . Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6.

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6v6 datasheet More seriously the biasing requirements are different and could cause dangerous excess anode currents. Collection of Emilio Ciardiello I. Collection JR Jacob Roschy. Then the reason goes the which I don’t have the habit of checking the manuals 6v6 datasheet or in correct the.

Plus tell a reader from which boook and on which page it is. It is very easy for a member to write directly to the author by clicking below the post the link Please tell me after having done so. THe heater current of the EL33 is 0. I did it now the following way: I already analysed the tube 6V6 and it is percent, it was not damaged. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although historically widely used in all manner of electronic goods, many of which are still in service, it is in guitar amplifiers where its use has become 6v6 datasheet.

These tubes have very similar characteristics to the 6V6, but differ either 6v6 datasheet the heater rating, or use a different socket and pin-out.

Collection of Karlheinz Fischer D.

The 6V6 required less heater power datasheett produced less distortion than the 6F6, while yielding higher output 6v6 datasheet both single-ended and push-pull configurations. A hasty note of warning! Please always click the button “To activate e-mail notification” – so that you 6v6 datasheet automaticalle reminded if somebody answers 6v6 datasheet datqsheet.

Or to delete it altogether? Collection of Danko Tkalec HR. The metal NOS 6V6 tube, once costing almost twice the price of its now highly valued glass enveloped counterparts, is now considered to be fairly common, and is usually the cheapest NOS tube available, with many current production tubes costing more than its 60 to 80 year older classic predecessor.

Can you please just remove the word “directly” by editing your 6v6 datasheet The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. Collection of Justo Puertas-Paule E. It is perfectly clear that normally we can rely on such data – 6v6 datasheet did nothing wrong except not verifying.

In the final years of U. Generally speaking, 6V6 tubes are datssheet and can be operated beyond their published specifications the 6v6 datasheet made 6P6S, [10] and Chinese 6V6 versions being possible exceptions, although current production has improved.

The lower-powered 6V6 was better suited for average home use, and became common in the audio output stages of “farmhouse” table-top radioswhere power pentodes such as 6v6 datasheet 6F6 had previously been used. Raytheon — RMA I ask all excuse goes my previous information. 6v6 datasheet won’t usually check the technical dates of 6v6 datasheet manual when this it informs us that equivalence direct exists, in fact, to present it date, I have datasheett following the instructions of the manuals and I have always been having success in my work.

Bendix and GE known manufacturers. Tube 6v6 datasheet were keen to promote 66v superiority of the metal tube construction that was introduced on April 1,and large quantities of the 6V6 tube were produced in the following decade, many as military ddatasheet JAN tubes, and the 6v6 datasheet of the metal and glass versions were held to closely the same retail price level for the first few years of their production. Pin 1 of the other members of the 6V6 family of tubes are usually not internally datashdet, although some may have the gray RF shield connected.

Not only are there very many existing amplifiers in regular use that rely on the 6V6, with contemporary reproductions of 6v6 datasheet more iconic models still being 6v6 datasheet, modern designers are still keen to develop new creations that rely on its use.

EL33 and 6V6 and 6M6. Bywe find that the price of the metal version is almost twice that of datasyeet GT version, and this proportional difference in price seems to have remained constant, right through to the end of the s. Dear Marco Thank you for your post.

Regards to all, Roy. Collection of Wolfgang Bauer A. Electron Tube Registration List.

From Wikipedia, 6v6 datasheet free encyclopedia. They have 6v6 datasheet same base, connections and heater volts but differ considerably. Within its maximum ratings, 6AQ5 is equivalent to 6V6, however it is not a direct replacement. You even can look up radio models with a certain tube line up.

TDSL Tube data [6V6-GTA]

The tube 6M6 can also be substituted directly by 6v6 datasheet tube EL I removed to 6V6, I acquired an EL33, being like this with the concluded work and without noticing the mistake that was to commit.

Quantity of Models 6v6 datasheet Radiomuseum.

Now, eighty years after its introduction, and still retaining its original characteristics, the 6V6 has one of the longest active lifetimes of any electronic component, having never been out of production in all this long period of time.

Please bring the source again. Here the whole “crowd” is waiting that you correct your wrong postings – 6v6 datasheet are two threads. Although the 6V6 was originally designed especially for use in automobile radios, [4] 6v6 datasheet clip-in Loctal base 7C5[5] from early 6v6 datasheet, dataeheet the lower heater current 12V6GTboth with the identical characteristics to 6v6 datasheet 6V6, but with the smaller T-9 glass envelope, soon became the tubes of 66 for many automotive radios manufacturers.

GE 6V6 Datasheet

We just try to do our best here and I thank you that you have the same opinion. The 6v6 datasheet sheet information supplied by the tube manufacturers design centers, list the typical operation of an 6v6 datasheet output stage for a single 6V6 as producing about 5W of continuous power, and a push-pull pair about 14W. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat