A World Restored [Henry A.; Henry A. Kissinger Kissinger] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Political Studies, History. 7 Apr Read a free sample or buy A World Restored by Henry Kissinger. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. 5 Feb Henry Kissinger is an icon within the American foreign policy community, but that was not always the case. A World Restored Metternich.

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Open Preview See a Problem? One reads, rereads and then falls in love with it. Alexander Emslie rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Like Clausewitz who argued for the matching of military strategies with political goals, Kissinger reminds us that the diplomat may only maneuver within the space outlined by the policies of his or her government and aim to deploy a diplomatic strategy in support of such policies.

Regardless of his ideology, Henry Kissinger has had an important impact on modern politics and few would dispute his brilliance as a strategist. Retrieved from ” https: Metternich has a reputation as a conservative ideologue comparable in stature to Edmund Burke but coming out of the tradition of continental idealism, but his writings as a conservative kissinged Kissinger mostly dismisses.

Worth the read of you’re looking for a book about post-Napoleon Europe and a great theory on how the politics after allowed Kidsinger to happen nearly years later.

A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, by Henry Kissinger

Indeed, students of strategy and diplomacy will do best to consider these in some detail. Kissinger kissingef in his conclusion: Their [the diplomats in Vienna] goal was stability, not perfection, and the balance of power is the classic expression of the lesson of history that no order is safe without physical safeguards against aggression… there was created a balance of forces which, because kissijger conferred a relative security, came to be generally accepted, and whose relationships grew increasingly spontaneous as its legitimacy came to be taken for granted Kissinger— The Art of War Sun Tzu.

This was a dangerous restlred, but it could be broken with a return to the conservative realism practiced by Metternich and Castlereagh according to the themes of Restored. Thus, it is ever important to keep the importance of matching means with ends in mind.

A World Restored – Wikipedia

If Apple Books doesn’t open, click the Books app in your Dock. Yet even among these states there are limits. Sep 10, P.

Finally, it considers the ongoing relevance of these themes to the theory and practice of international relations. I doubt many people actually read this book to get an understanding of post-Napoleonic Europe or to gain any particular biographical insights into its two main protaganists Metternich and Castlereagh. For those looking for pure history of the specified era this ain’t the book. Metternich expected to lead an alliance against France, pressing only enough to depose Napoleon, who had shown a complete unwillingness to accept a moderate peace, but preserving a strong France under a restored Bourbon monarchy, as a counterweight to the power of Russia.

Kissinger admires Metternich’s understated finesse, and although lightly critical of the eventual results he shows how Metternich constructed a system that stood the test of time, balancing divergent national interests to produce a European equilibrium that lasted for decades. Such a world may not be perfect, but it is better than the chaos of revolution.

Great argumentation throughout, Kissinger is a great teacher on diplomacy not least because he is one of the 20th century’s greatest statesmen himself. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Blog powered by Typepad. Although the Congress system worked for only a few years, the concept and principles on which it was based allowed the longest period of peace among states in history with only few and minor interruptions.

eorld Kissinger, in his unmistakable style, gives us a seminar on Castlereagh and Metternich, with the emphasis on Metternich. The lit review longueur must be there, so as to get the piece of work approved! However, a very interesting book for two reasons. This view of history and diplomacy ultimately brings dark tidings. While the United States must confront the Kremlin, t was possible to promote an international order conducive to stability, if not peace.

A World Restored

There were echoes between the Congress of Vienna and the modern era well worth exploring. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Previously I was pro-revolution, and then pro-empire, and then pro-revolution again come the s. Very interesting with great insight into the mindset of countries after a revolution. It would be as a realist that Kissinger would make his first-hand mark on the conduct of international affairs Kaplan He ardently believed that by looking back into the past it might be possible to see how historical analogy could be used to help guide policies of the modern age Kissinger In a world featuring nuclear weapons, why dissect the diplomatic wrangling of the 19 th century?

It may carry on among the states party to the same mutually agreed upon and legitimate order, but not with states outside of such an order.

Instead, this book is best read to gain an understanding of its famous author, a man who would come to dominate American foreign policy between andand whose influence on American thinking has been even more profound since.

It is here, however, that the similarities fall away.

A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-1822

A historian, Ferguson takes careful time to examine primary and secondary sources in treating his subject, and it shows. It may be read several ways. This argument about legitimacy and stability evolved directly from Kissinger studying the Congress of Vienna. Another Napoleon could emerge at any time, and a strong Kiseinger concert of conservative monarchs, based on principle, was necessary to prevent dangers before they arose.

Even the very best strategists and diplomats may not be able to achieve some political goals.