Products 1 – 10 of 15 Buy Now · Navtech Europe Supplement. AERAD Buy Now · Navtech Flight Guide Poland to Urals, & to SE Europe to Greece &. AERAD. If you are a UK-based aviator you will know about Aerad, and you will also know about Jeppesen. If you are based anywhere else in the world you will know. In addition to Aerad’s range of Flight Guide Supplements a larger range of accessories have been brought out to complement the main guides. £ (Non- VAT.

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Aerad Flight Guides + Charts & Folders. Books 1,2,5,6,7

Names of places are in local language – disaster! One of our pilots reckons they are about to start sorting all the charts by airfield name, if it has one, instead of city. But why were the chart users not consulted over this change? I suppose the supplemeny question to ask is did anyone consult the users ie the pilots concerning these proposed changes? Have they had any pilot input to put these together?

Another thought and harking back to an approach and runway previously very aerav to me. The eng fail bit on the SID is indeed bizarre. Informatioh approach levels for Orly, wrong coordinates for parking positions to name a few which I reported to them If this is correct then surely the above quote from an earlier post should be of some concern?

As xupplement funny mistake I noticed on the airfield layout plate for BHX the taxiways are the wrong way around, ie printed in mirror image! The EDI 24 departure is not even giving you a track, or a radial.

Navtech Flight Information Supplement

Enough Said And what is it exactly you are trying to do? And from what you have all said here I would expect it to happen soon. We need a serious competitor to Jeppesen who won’t overcharge you: Also noticed a number of symbols that appear but have no ref at all in the handy little book iinformation the legends etc!

They are cluttered, the font is too fine, they dont flow or present the information in a way that is easily readable. Personally I flgiht this is a large step backwards in safety and progression.

What’s with the chart supplrment now? I’m sure we’ll get used to infotmation format in time with hopefully many of the amendments posted. O I’m now enjoying updating my knowledge of the plates, just like all those years before.

So search under S for Amsterdam but still find Glasgow under G because it hasn’t got a name, supplemenh be fun over Africa or Russia when you need to divert in a hurry. THAT is the biggest clue that these changes were done by someone who has never operated an aeroplane. Comes to something when you cant figure out your home base from the charts!

No mention of this at all. The inverse presentation of the altitude bust height is retained. Now, in the new style, there is one chart for taxiways, and a separate chart displaying holding points!

I’ve also noticed CAT A minima missing. Can anyone enlighten me as to what aircraft approach catergory DL is?

Pretty poor proof-reading on the ones I have seen. In fact i could say alot worse!: Aerad was used as the brand name even after the company was sold by BA in the mid 90’s. I live in fear of the day I have to go somewhere for the first time with these plates!: The Italians made a substantial and permanent change to the missed approach procedure in april but EAG has yet to print a new chart – thats is more than 7 months!!!

Navtech Flight Information Supplement

And another thing – which idiot proof read these plates numerous errors pages missing etc etc. I see the format has been brought out for LHR and the taxi chart is frankly a disgrace.

Half the print is unreadable even in my state of life. The ILS freq are also easier to find. I’m not against change, I just dont understand what was gained by changing everthing.: