Taxonavigation[edit]. Cocoons of Apanteles sp. next to a perforated Papilio demoleus caterpillar Genus: Apanteles Subgenera: Choeras –. PERFORMANCE OF APANTELES SP. (HYMENOPTERA: BRACONIDAE) ON TWO AMARANTH LEAF WEBBERS: SPOLADEA RECURVALIS. 37e); tarsal claws with one basal spine-like seta, Apanteles alejandromasisi Fernández-Triana, sp. n. 8(6), T1 mostly white except for small black spot posteriorly.

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Species groups of Mesoamerican Apanteles In order to deal with its high diversity, the genus Apanteles has been partitioned into species groups since T1 smooth and more than 4. The dichotomous keys were built to accommodate, as much as possible, what appear to be potential natural groups, based on morphology, biology host dataand DNA barcoding.

Such a general and vague definition created a largely artificial group, including many species worldwide e. Mostly Urbanus albimargo and Urbanus doryssus rarely also Autochton sp.

Associated Data Apantelles Materials Details of morphological terms and measurements used in the paper.

General morphology of Apanteles A Head, dorsal view. HesperiidaeStaphylus vulgata ].

Sitio Argentina, 7—16 Jun. Metatibia with posterior 0.

The species Apanteles albinervisincluded in this group because of its morphology, is only known from the male holotype, and our key is only to females. CrambidaeOmiodes humeralisOmiodes Janzen The same applies to its associate sclerites mediotergites and laterotergites.

Antenna about same length or slightly larger than body; body length 2. Antenna clearly shorter than body length, usually 0.

Apanteles – Wikispecies

This group comprises one described species, although we have seen another undescribed species from the same area with the interim name Apanteles Rodriguez79 which is only known from a male in poor condition and cannot be described in this paper. All femora and tibiae yellow at most with some infuscation on posterior 0. Mason provides a summary of current understanding of the evolution of those groups as well as references to different papers on the topic.

S;Antaeotricha marmoreaAntaeotricha radicalisAntaeotricha spp. Body length length at least 2. The description format includes one sentence per character, with the character mentioned first and the character-state following after a colon, e. ElachistidaeStenoma spp. Even if the parasitoid has already emerged from the apnateles, its remnants provide evidence of a successful attack. T2 width at apznteles margin at least 3. Some records may be questionable, especially early citations of hosts for Apanteles carpatus Say, which may be incorrect this is a cosmopolitan species and examination of vouchers from all biogeographic regions is needed to solve the problem.

Apanteles albinervis Cameron, stat. T1 parallel-sided or slightly widening from anterior margin to 0. Acting as the first reviser, Shenefelt realized the problem of a secondary homonym, but mistakenly assigned a replacement name for the oldest Cameron instead of the youngest Tobias name. Figs 96 T3 completely, and most of laterotergites 1—3, sternites, and hypopygium dark brown to black Figs a, c, f ; fore and middle legs yellow-white, metacoxa yellow-white except for anterior 0.

Body length at most 2. The following new taxonomic and nomenclatural acts are proposed.

File:Lappet moth caterpillar parasited by braconid wasps (Apanteles sp.) (5050724084).jpg

Additionally, the locality for specimens with code SRNP is at a lower altitude 90m compared with the rest of the species mostly found between m, with only four specimens between m.

This species is very distinctive, characterized by head and most of mediotergite 1 orange, mediotergite 3 partially yellow, and mesoscutellar disc mostly punctured.

Author gbohne from Berlin, Germany. ElachistidaeAntaeotricha Janzen86, Stenoma Janzen The morphological variation among braconids is notable. We have, however, excluded them from the paratypes series.

HesperiidaeBungalotis quadratum. As a result of adopting most HAO preferred terms but see exceptions belowsome of the morphological terms we apply have never been used in taxonomic papers treating Microgastrinae. There was only one described species recorded from Costa Rica, 19 from Mesoamerica, 86 from the Neotropical region, and worldwide Yu et al. Because that is beyond the scope of this paper, we describe this species in Apanteles.

T1 mostly sculptured and less than 4. CrambidaeElachistidaeRiodinidaeTortricidae ] arielopezi species-group [2 species] — Body length at least 3.