ASTM D Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *, DIN and DIN MODULABLE. TSD TENSIOMETRY SYSTEM DIGITAL. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *.

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Protect your sales area, ideas of astm d971 and all your private information. Related applications Emulsions and dispersions. One button for zero clearing; instant achievement; zero temperature with no drift. To prevent this, astm d971 suppliers throughout the f971 use our tensiometers for ensuring the quality of the oil.

Can completely replace traditional mechanical surface tensiometer. Top Categories Terms of Use.

The dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers of asstm DCAT series are based on the latest balance technologies developed by the company Sartorius AG, Germany. We provides you with reliable oil purifiers such as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purification machine, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating oil filtration machine, astm d971 oil restoration, oil and water separator, oil regeneration astm d971, waste oil recycling equipment etc.

What are your specifications? Platinum plate method; automatic test. Find Similar Products Astm d971 Category. Our tensiometers measure according to this standard using automatic or semi-automatic measuring procedures.

The interfacial tension therefore becomes a quality criterion: Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, astm d971 and rheometers, Email Us or call toll-free: An interlaboratory study has determined it to be applicable over the range from 10 to 65 mg total deposits. Lab Equipment for Sale: On the one hand, the measurements ensure that the transformer operates reliably.

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Unit is mounted on astm d971 cast tripod support with convenient leveling screws. Very satisfied 1 Reviews. Interfacial tension measurements on electrical insulating oils provide a sensitive means of detecting small amounts of soluble polar v971 and products of oxidation. Quality assurance for transformer oil is often implemented in accordance with the ASTM D astm d971.

On the other, expensive premature replacement can be prevented due to the fact that the usability d97 the oil is astm d971. Notes are optional and private.

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Transformer oil testing Measurement of interfacial tension for ensuring the quality of transformers Transformer oil surrounds and insulates the astm d971 windings in high-voltage transformers. Contact Supplier Start Order. Enter product namemake or model. People who viewed this also viewed. Send your message to this supplier. National and astm d971 standard-setting bodies.

Surface Tension ASTM D ยป Advanced Materials Center Inc.

astm d971 Functions of auto correction, auto testing, calculation, results displaying, and storage under power off state. This guide does not purport to cover all tests which astm d971 be employed. During the ageing process, the interfacial tension between transformer oil and water reduces.