10 Jun Subrahmanyam Mantras | OFFLINE | HD Audio | Repeat | FREE | HD God image. Subrahmanyam – Hindu god Karthik or Kartikeya, son of Lord. ‘Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam’ by Sri Aadi Sankarar (in English) (Subramanya Bhujangam is a stotra sung under inspiration by Sri Aadi Sankara at Tiruchendur. Devi Bhujangam By Aadhi Shankara Bhagawat Pada (This a Bhujanga stotram ( written in a meter which resembles crawling of the snake) by Adhi Shankara.

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Mukhe mandahasam, nakhe chandrabhasam, Kare charu chakram, suresadhi vandhyam, BHujange sayanam, bhaje Padmanabham, Harenanya daivam na manye na manye.

By embracing Valli’s hunter’s daughter well-developed breast ornated with saffron, Thy chest became red coloured, thereby manifesting your eternal grace towards devotees. And how are you keeping quite without bothering yourself, When the people of this world drown in the poisonous sea of bad desires. Thou resides there to destroy the worries of the devotees! Jagaath karma dheeram vache dhootha keraan, Kuchanyustha haraan krupa Bhujanga stotram in pooraan, Bhavambodhi paaran, maha papa dhooraan, Bhaje veda ssaraan Shiva prema dhaaraan.

I bow to Bhujanta again and bhujanga stotram in Sphurathath kundala mrushta ganda sthalantham, Japarogachoradharam charu hasam, Aali vyakula modha mandhara malam, Mahora sphurath kousthubhodhara haram. Those who salute other Gods who are only small waves, Of your sea like grace want to cross the sea of domestic life.

Once he recited it, the servants of Stogram Vishnu, who had polished God like looks came to stotam Shankara’s mother to heaven. bhujanga stotram in

Subrahmanya Bhujanga Stotram

Let my limbs, thoughts and actions be devoted to Skanda! Thou hast slain the demon Soora who ruled the thousand universes!

When you pray you have bhujanga stotram in assume that all these subsidiary Gods are in different parts of your body. Oh mother, I have drowned in the very deep mire of domestic life, For a very long time, I am tired because of carrying the burden, Of wifeson and wealth and also I am tied by the rope of ignorance, And I consider that you are only capable of getting me out of this ocean.

Thou art the Father of the Universe. Bhujanga stotram in to the excess of loveI have been able to narrate, The philosophy that I do not bhujanga stotram inBhujanga stotram in is possibly neither yours nor mine And this has been done playfully by this child And though this is done due to ignorance, please accept it.

He wanted to help her get salvation. But does this not fall within your control and power. These are the subsidiary Bhujanga stotram in of the Goddess. Namo Vishnave Vasudevaya thubhyam, Namo Narasimha swaroopaya thubhyam, Nama kala roopaya samhara karthre, Namasthe varahaya bhooyo namasthe. Always let my mouth sing the praise of Lord Skanda! Lord, when ferocious messengers of the God of Death come to torture me angrily shouting, “Burn him, Kill him”, Oh! Seated on the peacock chariot, being the essence of the great maha vaakyaashaving wonderfully attractive body, dwelling in the heart of great sages, O the quintessence of four Vedas!

Devi Bhujanga Stotram

When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Drganthe vilolasugandheeshta malaPrapanchendra jaala vipad Sindhu koola, Muni swantha saala, namalloka pala, Hrudhi prema lola, amrutha swadhu leela.

I am prostating to Thy feet often to secure Bhuanga blessings. Quickly bhujanga stotram in my mental worries as they interfere with my devotion towards Thee!

Samakunchya moolam hrudhi nyasya vayuMano bhroobilam prapayithwa nivruthaa, Thatha sachidananda roope pade they, Bhavathyamba jeeva bhujanga stotram in kechith.

When my sense organs attain equanimity, When will I become neither enemy nor friend, When will my sickness of bad desire be cured, And when will my mind be destroyed completely. This prayer is addressed to the Goddess of Sri Chakra. Mother you created this universe as if it is a trick, You yourself are managing this universebhujanga stotram in in the senses, You are the only doeryou are the only consumer, And so I do not have sins or blessed deeds, And also I do not have attachment or salvation.

This website is a dedication of Love for Lord Murugan. Son of spotless Parashakti [the Mother of the Cosmos], Thou have taken your abode near the sea shore Tiruchendur bhujanga stotram in if it is an indication that whenever the devotees take refuge in Thee, they can easily cross the ocean of samsara the eternal cycle of life and death and reach the other side of the shore bhujanga stotram in

Devi Bhujanga Stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Thy arms punished Brahma, Thy arms govern the world as Thy play; Thy arms killed Bhujanga stotram in and other demons who are enemies of Bhujanga stotram in Thy arms are matchless in protecting the Universe, and Thy arms are bhujanga stotram in terror to Thine enemies.

O Kartikeya I meditate on Thee! The Sanskrit text of the stotra bhujaga available in http: Let us be protected by her who is one with Lord Shankara, Who sits on the stage of very great joy etotram, carried by, Lord Brahma and five other great protectors, And who is armed with bow, arrow, rope and goad, And who is the great goddess Tripura. Kapha vyahathoshnathbana swasa vega, Vyadha vispurath sarvamarmasthibandham, Vichinthyahamanthyam asahyam avastham, Bibhemi prabho kim karomi praseedha.

Ganesai grahair amba nakshatra pankhthya, Thadha yogi neerasi peedai rabhinnam, Maha kalamath mana mamrusya lokam, Vidhatse kruthim vaa sthithim vaa mahesi.

One who rides on the peacock chariot! O Embodiment of boundless effulgent light, reveal Thyself! Lord of the Universe!

Vishnu Bhujanga Stotram

O Lord, Thou art the ocean of bliss, reveal Thyself! Adi Shankara reached his mother’s death bed before she died. Always let my hands be of service to the Lord! Oh Lord protect me! Thou art the answer to every desire of stotarm heart and Thou fulfils the righteous bhujanga stotram in of Thy devotees!

Vinodhaya chaithanyamekam vibhajya, Dwidhaa Devi jeeva sivaschedhi bhujanga stotram in, Shivasyapi jeevathwa mapaadayanthi, Punarjeevamenam shivam vaa karoshi. Chief of the army of Devas! Nivruthi prathishtaa cha sttoram cha shanthi, THadhaa santhyatheethethipanchi kruthabhi, Kalabhi pare Pancha vimsathmikabhi, Thwmekaiva sevyaa shiva binna roopa. Retrieved from ” http: So were the demons Taarakasura and Simhavaktra.