Duchamp has ratings and 19 reviews. Frank said: No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biogra. This revised edition of Calvin Tomkins’s Duchamp: A Biography arrives on the artist from the Time-Life Library of Art; The World of Marcel Duchamp appeared. Nearly everything about L.A. appealed to Ruscha. He wanted to live there, and he knew that the only thing he could be was an artist. By Calvin Tomkins.

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Calvin Tomkins is simply a great writer. Apr 28, Austin Kleon added it.

Magali Reus

I suppose you could say that Duchamp’s real work of art was his life, and while Duchamps himself remains elusive, the portraits of Picabia, Jarry, Wood, Arensburg, etc are fascinating. The more I learned the more I liked Duchamp less, but that makes for an interesting read.

What is clvin sense of how that commentary resonated then versus now? John O’Toole rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Seems pretty exhaustively researched, is humorous and entertaining, and is also great at discussing the various main interpretations of Duchamp’s work and legacy. Who have I given this liberty to? Tompkins provided exactly what I wanted: Jenna Lyons covered everything from her year career at J.

File:Tomkins Calvin The World of Marcel – Monoskop

CT One of them that comes to mind is Paul Chan, whose art, to me, is completely unpredictable. In Duchamp, Tomkins has found a biographer’s greatest challenge — a subject of such wide ranging intellect that the biographer must himself possess great intelligence and imagination in order to grasp the implications tomkkns the ideas which he’s outlining.

No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Cqlvin Tomkins’ excellent biography of Marcel Duchamp. You keep thinking that sooner or later there has to be a counterrevolution, and that Duchamp will be relegated to a place in art history that is no longer the present.

The whole idea that art tonkins be him cooking for you is quite revolutionary. I could read it every day. You could say that the Abstract Expressionist period was the anti-Duchampian era of the art establishment.

Did someone take it while I was away? An artist can go in any direction. Thousands and thousands are coming out of college.

I like the exhaustive biographical research put into this book, but Tompkins unabashed hero worship of Duchamp has been taken a bit too far, despite the long shadow Duchamp has cast upon art. This was so powerful, that art could be all these other things. More than 50 years into his run at The New Yorker, Tomkins has proven his own endurance. Certainly, we no longer can think of art as something that hangs on the wall. Tompkins does his level best to provide a context for the work, but while he uncovers information about how the work came into being as in his account of the famous “Fountain” readymade and does a good job of describing the formal qualities of individual pieces, he doesn’t seem to have the theoretical equipment for more trenchant analysis.

Do you thinkhis prediction has come true?

Interview Calvin Tomkins, by Bridget McCarthy / ArtReview

tomkjns Oct 27, Liisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book. They began to try to figure out what art was instead of just trying to pursue it, and this led them in all sorts of new directions.

I understand much more than I did before. I found myself sharing anecdotes and tidbits with friends nearly every day. But it toomkins a series of four profiles he wrote for The New Yorker in the early s — on Jean Tinguely, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage and Duchamp — that fully revealed to him the exciting possibilities of art.

Talking Marcel Duchamp With Calvin Tomkins

Goodreads graciously downloaded the books I bought from Amazon, and since they don’t come up on any list that I can get to, I had to go to Amazon to see what I actually bought when once I had money and didn’t “borrow” books, myself, here and there And as a result, slow work is considered bad: A lot of things coming together at the same time has drawn a lot of attention to Copenhagen.

I never saw him uncomfortable in any situation. Dec timkins, Megan Kirschenbaum rated it really liked it.

Cameron McPherson rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I looked at several other books about Duchamp before choosing this one. Published March 15th by Holt Paperbacks first published Your writing really seems to capture their personalities. I attribute it to this thing, this stroke of luck, that I just went from one artist to the other in the beginning, and then discovered that they were all related in these different ways.

Books by Calvin Tomkins. What if it turns out that the solution to unemployment is that, as Joseph Beuys said, everyone is an artist? Dominic Smith rated it really liked it Nov 28, He was the unusual combination of being very relaxed and easy, and ready to talk about anything on any level.