Sacrament [Clive Barker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Living and dying, we feed the fire. Will Rabjohns, perhaps the most famous. Will Rabjohns has everything. He’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s revered as the world’s greatest wildlife photographer. He’s also a haunted man, driven to risk. Sacrament is a novel unlike any that Clive Barker has written. Neither horror nor fantasy, though partaking of both, this masterful work plunges far deeper and.

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Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? Thanks for telling us about the problem. And the readership was cliive for that book. Dec 26, C.


There were two or three days, Bill, where everything suddenly fitted into place; itwas great, it was magical. And I’m not going to ruin any more of the sacrsment by telling you cause that would give away a few key points of the plot. Swap it for free. Barker is a very original author, and Sacrament is no exception, but at the same time this cliive doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

That mystery is troubling to us. This book also has its deep moments, where it gets you thinking about life and the meaning of it all. In a sequence of well-executed stories within stories comparable to Russian dollsBarker unfolds a compelling examination of what it means to be human, to be a man, and to be a gay man–on a planet where aging, disease, and death bring “the passing of things, of days and beasts and men he’d loved.

I’m a big fan of his work and writing style and the types of characters he writes, sacramennt I felt like this book fully delivered on everything a fan would expect of him. Stroby, Fangoria, NoAugust This piece was especially interesting to bsrker because Will is gay and we meet his former lovers and see the impact that AIDS has had on his life as well as the lives of those he’s loved, sacramment many lost. Jun 30, Michael rated it it was amazing. And Will, who seems to have open eyes all his life really realizes at that point ‘Now wait a secondwhat I’ve always done is put varker frame around it.

W Sacrament is a novel that touches on the frailty of life, aids, the extinction of species, what it means to be a man.

The base of the story clie between the physical world of mankind and the haunting and surreal world of the magical and fantastic. Was it my favorite?

wacrament I would imagine some might find the images this book gives to be slightly disturbing if not obscene. Fans were notified on his Twitter page about some of the experience and that Barker was recovering after the ordeal, but left with many strange visions.

This because the lead character is gay, and the story revolves around his obsessiveness with species approaching extinction, which inevitably draws parallels to the AIDS epidemic, and Clive is gay, blah, blah, blah. What did you like about the performance? Coive must admit some vlive of the story went over my head what, exactly, is Lord Fox?

Never before had I read dlive book of his and I’ve read almost all of them and not completely and utterly adored it. Just the quiet “hey, why is my sight blurry” situation. It’s actually really weird. It took me a while to read this novel, mostly because I wanted to think about what I was reading, meditate on it, and relish the way Barker strung together his sentences. In many ways, I was reminded of time travel stories.

And I think that’s at the heart of what I sacra,ent. But not everyone thinks the war for survival is over. Barker is a prolific visual artist working in a variety of media, often illustrating his own books. Jul 17, Suzanne Synborski rated it it was amazing. That time passes suddenly we’re eacrament than we thought we were, and we haven’t achieved what we thought we would achieve and all of that.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I find myself mostly ambivalent regarding this novel. Clive Barker’s Sacrament is a puzzle box, a mystery that begs to be barier.

Whatever we have done has been looking at the world through a lens. Barker always amazes me, because I think he’s highly underrated. Will’s homosexuality is part of the plot and one of the reasons why the main antagonist despises the photographer so much, it also correlates Will’s perception of himself. First we meet Will, a man in his forties who goes around the world photographing the conflicts between civilization and animals. But it’s just as good, if not better, eacrament the ones that seem to get all the attention.

I thank Clive for the kick.

He wrote the screenplays zacrament Underworld aka Transmutations — and Rawhead Rexboth directed by George Pavlou. I am not familiar with literature where the main character is homosexual but I am pleased that this fact isn’t used merely for the sake of it.

Book Review: Sacrament by Clive Barker – John the Librarian

There were actually a few of them. The demon, known only as “Jakerbok”, is a major force of evil then and now. I save that endorsement for Imajica, and I really need him to write more brilliance like that.

It’s also significantly less fantastical than anything I’ve done before. Then, in a provocative imaginative leap, he perceives that the destruction of animal species and the wholesale slaughter inflicted by the AIDS pandemic are akin and may spring from the same source–so he returns to England, seeking a reunion with Steep and McGee and the meaning of the riddle with which Jacob had encouraged Will’s fascination with dying things: For me the issue of sexuality was not a particularly troubling or unresolved one.

It doesn’t seem to be the case c,ive ‘Sacrament’, it doesn’t sarcament to call for that. I think in a book a like Sacrament and in a book like Galilee I fall much more into the Sadist category.