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Fr ndoial zice papa Maria tfmnite deja vrednic de binecuvntare prin faptul c este Mama lui Iisus dup trup, ns i, mai presus de toate, pentru c din momentul Bunei Vestiri a primit cuvntul lui Dumnezeu, pentru c a crezut n el, pentru c a fost asculttoare fa de Dumnezeu, pentru c pstra cuvntul i l cumpnea n inima ei i cu toat viaa ei l mplinea.

Ioan Sorin Usca – V.

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If I would open the graves from one of our monasteries, I think I would not have the chance to find the relics which can be found in Aiud or in Gherla or in Pitesti… There you only sin to look a few centimeters under the surface to find holy, beautiful, yellow bones. Ioanichie Balan – Calauza Ortodoxa in familie si societate.

Aceste acte parca lipsesc pe om de minte. Ion Bria, Spre plinirea Evangheliei.


Nu cred c ar fi o exagerare dac a afirma c pentru toi cei care am plecat din prile dobrogene n cea mai vestic ar a Uniunii Europene – acest pelerinaj s-a desfurat sub binecuvntata ocrotire a celor doi sfini ai Bisericii lui Hristos, deopotriv rugtori i misionari, care au fost aproape contemporani: Asteapta intrarea lor in Sinaxare. So then, where is the truth? Visovan Aurel – Dumnezeul meu vol 2. In Aiud I was isolated in a cell for about six months. In prezent toate sunt inchise, oamenii sunt multi, dar atunci ii va elibera pe toti si-i va angaja pe toti gardienii ca sa aplice pecetea.

Patric Ranson – Prigonirea monahilor din muntele Athos. Patriarhul Pimen care a murit inspunea Parintele, va fi ultimul Patriarh ortodox al Rusiei. El a venit doar sa-si lanseze mesajul Te,nite si ca sa sufere o moarte prematura si napraznica. Spree is the hope conveyed by the Gospel of our God Jesus Christcf.

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At a national level, it has been organised an Ecumenical association of the Christian Churches from Romania, that is, AIDrom, that has unfolded various programmes and activities in such interethnic and interconfessional communities.

Prin credin Mama particip la moartea Fiului ei, moarte rscumprtoare Teodor Studitul – Cuvantari Duhovnicesti. In privinta buletinelor va fi o dezbinare in poporpentru ca oamenii nu vor mai sti pe cine sa creada.

Catapeteasma Templului s-a rupt sinaxxare acestea sinagogileoriunde ar fi pe pamant, au devenit salasurile demonilor. Bucur Chiriac – Clopotele Athosului.

Dar oare asa va fi? Andrei Kuraev, Daruri si anateme. What if saving the community entails that our own family fares worse in some respects? As concerns the expression of the unity in faith towards the same Holy Spirit, a special attention was paid to the Christian vigils for unity, a real means of invocating the assistance of the Holy Spirit for achieving the unity.

Emanoil Babus – Aspecte ale istoriei si spiritualitatii Bizantului. Even at an early age, the children fin toaught at school the mutual respect, a fact that explains why the Muslim children said they did not fee lat all discriminated by the presence of of the icons and crucifixes in schools, or by the practice of the religious service performed on the occasion of the beginning of the school year by an Orthodox or Catholic priest, or even by an imaum.

Nevertheless, there might legitimately be more wordings for the faith of the Church. We are carrying this cross of Gherla, of Aiud, of Sighet, so that we temntie repent for the sins of our nation, from the beginning of the political life in the 19th century until this present day. Culegere de texte despre povatuitorul Duhovnicesc. Like a scarlet ribbon His love wrapped around the cross and He offered it to us all at the greatest cost.

In this sense, the guiding lines- related to the debates that are to take place on the occasion of the jubilee manifestations- will be drawn up such as to support the heads of the Churches and of the missions to analyse and estimate what are the most effective missionary models within the different contexts the Churches and the missions are belonging to.

Ce eveniment este pregatit pentru jumatatea anului ? Inspre dimineata toti au cantat: This is no small matter, since losing home ownership in America is virtually equated with losing opportunities intergenerationally.

Noi minuni ale Sfantului Efrem – Minuni cu copii nascuti si nenascuti. The most long-standing answer to this question has been as follows: I believe that it is precisely through this confession that we can wash away our sins. Acest apelativ are la baz nu numai doctrina mariologic elaborat de pap ci i evlavia lui deosebit fa de Fecioara Maria.

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And as Cristian Ioanide mentions in his article, the apostles modeled the practice of love in a community as follows: For instance, in the East it is the people, and not the ecclesiastical authority, who first feels the holiness, in other words, the official canonization is only a confirmation of the canonization by the Christian people the spontaneous veneration brought to the one who has fallen asleep.

This is because valuing property over people—in its fundamental premise, if you will—requires that we serve ourselves before we serve others. Gordon Vasile – Introducere in Omiletica. Astfel se manifest n chip deosebit eficacitatea unic i universal a mijlocirii lui Hristos ntre Dumnezeu i oameni. Ortodoxia si eroarea evolutionista.

Dar pentru noi au fost ca niste sfinti.

Arhimandritul Ermoghen – Crestinismul si religiile pagane. And it was the most beautiful time of my life.