The EL34 is a much loved audio power valve with an anode dissipation of 25 Watts. References: Datasheet &. Type EL34 was first introduced in The EL34 is smaller in diameter and taller than the 6L6 and is capable of a higher plate voltage; factors that help give the EL34 its unique output stage properties. Tube Data Sheet Locator. only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate EL34 Application Data.

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Collection of Thomas Loidl A. Collection of Wouter Brughmans B. Collection of Aires Gomes P.

EL34 Datasheet PDF

Collection of Ulrich Fieseler D. Collection of Antonio Bordini I. Collection of Howard Craven GB.

EL37 ; KT77 Other base: Collection of Giuseppe Palumbo I. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. EL34 End of forum contributions about this tube. Tesla; Praha, Bratislava etc.

RTT Franzis EL34 EL34 Comparaison entre les distorsions. Although these tubes have similar but not identical characteristics, they are made very differently. It has an international octal base indicated by the ‘3’ in the part number and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be suitable as a series regulator by virtue of its high permissible voltage between heater and cathode and other parameters.

EL34 Datasheet

Collection of Raynal Aufils F. Collection of Franco Antolini I. Collection of Bernhard Nagel D. Collection of Christian Schaufelberger CH. Collection of Heinz Schmidt D. The Ratasheet is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type.

EL34 Datasheet PDF –

Collection of Peter Steffen CH. Collection of Roland Biesler D. Collection of Justo Puertas-Paule E. Examining the mica spacer on the top of the tube will confirm the lack of a suppressor grid.

Collection of Georges Werts B. Collection of Reinhard Riek D. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Collection of Danko Tkalec HR. Collection of Trev Levick D. The EL34 was widely used in higher-powered audio amplifiers of the s and s, such as the very popular Dynaco Stereo 70 and the Leak TL25 mono and Stereo 60, and is also widely used in high-end guitar amplifiers because it is characterized by greater distortion considered desirable in this application at lower power than other octal tubes [ citation needed ] such as 6L6KT88 or You even can look up radio models with a certain tube line up.

Some firms make a related tube called an E34L which is rated to require a higher grid bias voltage, but which may be datashwet in some equipment. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links. Collection of Andreas Schulz D. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode 3rd grid of the pentode, both serving to hinder the return of unabsorbed electrons from the anode or plate to the 4th electrode 2nd grid and have some internal construction differences, they are functionally closely equivalent.

Views Read Edit View history. Erb Datasheeet by original leaflets. Collection of Hermann Fleischanderl A. Collection of Bartosz Szwed GB. More commonly found is a pair of EL34s running class AB1 in push—pull around — V plate voltage and producing 50 watts output if fixed bias is usedwhile a quad of EL34s running class AB1 in push—pull typically run anywhere from to V plate voltage and produces watts output. Retrieved from ” https: