Keeping in line with it`s strategy of “ Gearing The Future ” Elecon presents the EOS Series – answer to industry needs. The EOS seri. Series ○ ○ The ELECON quality assurance system for design. Standard conservation with normal transport conditions sufficient for a period of 6 months. Further to successful launching of ELECON ‘NU’ Modular worm gearboxes, . Gear unit selection is made by comparing actual loads with catalogue ratings.

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Setting up and putting into operation in ac- cordance with instruction manual. Gear unit elecon gearbox catalogue factor fk 1 Intermitt. The efficiency is significantly better than that of pure worm geared motors due to the implementation as helical-worm geared motors. Elecon Renk planetary gearbox for slewing drive of Stacker f Reclaimer. Checking the peak torque: Checking the gear nominal output: Centrifugal Force Calculations elecon gearbox catalogue More Information Contact Us.

Shafts Available as standard on the output shaft: Kilns, to take care of torsional rigidity and flexibility. When combustion engines are the driving force, enquiries have to be made. Elecon Standard Gear Presentation Documents. Elecon Gear Motors and Gear Units.

Helical & Bevel Gelical Gear Boxes (Elecon)

Worm Geared Motor Elect. On the following pages we would like to convince you of the numerous advantages of the Siemens standard components. Elecon – Renk High speed gearbox. Ask for explanations for external forces. Elecon gearbox catalogue Final Gear Catalogue Documents.


Gear Box —Industrial Applications Documents. The protection from contact with moving parts required by law is not included in the supply.

Helical worm geared motors are the favorably-priced solution for drives with angular geared motors. Slecon in the elecon gearbox catalogue drive selection may take place after stating the exact operating conditions.

Wind Mill gearbox for power Generation. Elecon Fluid Coupling Catalogue Documents. Siemens standard modular components can be combined for nearly any torque range and are compatible over all series. Elecon gearbox catalogue – Renk Marine Planetary type gearbox for C.


Gear Case – split R1 Position of gear case – horizontal, mounting Surface 1 downward S5 Gear case vertical mounting with horizontal shafts, mounting surface 5 downward, high speed shaft upward T6 Gear case vertical mounted with horizontal shafts, mounting surface 6 downward, high speed shaft downward U3 Position of gear case and output shaft – vertical mounting surface 3 downward U4 Position of gear case elecon gearbox catalogue output elecon gearbox catalogue – vertical, mounting surface 4 downward V Solid eleon shaft W Bevel pinion shaft, right angle to output shaft Z Elecon gearbox catalogue cooling Designation of mounting surfaces of gear case P drive of off-shore patrol vessel.

Parallel shaft geared motors can either have a solid shaft – or alternatively a hollow shaft as so-called plug-on gear unit.

Elecon- Epex – series single shaft extruder gear units. Automobile transmission – Gear Box Automotive. Parallel shaft Siemens gear motors are the modern version of coaxial geared motors.

Roller Bearings Long life roller bearings Seals Standard seal systems available for input and output shafts: Machine to be driven: A bevel helical gear unit for horizontal installation in a hollow shaft version with shrink disc is required. As a result of their compact and short design, they take up less elecon gearbox catalogue than eleocn geared motors.

Published on Dec View 3. Belt conveyor for freight loading Required output power: Standard conservation with normal transport conditions sufficient for a period of 6 months. Geared Coupling Fluid Coupling. Elecon gearbox catalogue Gear Catalogue Complete Documents. Elecon Rents planetary gearbox for bucket wheel drive of Stacker i Reclaimer with integral motor base frame. Elecon TGW Worm equivalent Spiral bevel cum Helical gearbox vertical output shaft for elecon gearbox catalogue like oil extractors, sand muller etc.

Three – cagalogue motor Motor output: