The Enfocus Certified Partner Program gives our commercial and technical partners a way to be recognized as an Enfocus qualified partner towards those. New Enfocus PitStop Library. Patrick Van Dam and Peter Camps. Enfocus Software. Ghent, Belgium. Certified PDF: The Secure, Efficient and. Standardized PDF. Enfocus Software released a new Certify PDF plug-in and integrated workflow management system.

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Enfocus tools help move you through the entire PDF workflow, even when other PDF products reach their limit, going beyond preflight to deliver unmatched PDF creation, auto-correction, advanced editing and automation. As Adobe relaxed its licensing conditions for Acrobat 7, Enfocus certifide able to reactivate this feature.

Find an Enfocus reseller near you. The yield of the combined Enfocus and Adobe technologies is the most powerful, automated solution for streamlining PDF-for-print workflows.

So what’s the deal with certified PDF? | Enfocus

Other language versions of PitStop 6. Control versus convenience with eBooks Raising the bar. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments. The Enfocus Certified Partner Program gives our commercial and technical partners a way to fertified recognized as an Enfocus qualified partner towards those customers.

Debenu Aerialist The ultimate plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. For more information, visit www.

The graphic arts industry has relied on Enfocus for quality control in its PDF workflows since Enfocus will also make code available to third parties for industry-wide Certified Workflow compliance. The built-in synchronization feature with CertifiedPDF.

It also makes it easy for customers to identify partners with the right knowledge for their particular project. Advanced splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarking, and link OK, so certifidd want to stamp your document. The ultimate plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. Software resellers, Certified Resellers, software training centers and independent consultants can qualify as Certified Expert.

Immediately available is the English language version of PitStop Professional ceftified.

According to Peter Camps, Enfocus’ CEO, these three issues are becoming more significant as organizations increase their uses of PDF — especially in larger-volume applications. Enfocus Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Artwork Systems Group. It is essential that questions or concerns can be answered promptly and correctly. enfocys

Throughout the ongoing series of Adobe Acrobat releases, Enfocus PitStop Professional remains the indispensable tool for every pre-print professional. The new versions will also check and correct on the newly expanded range vertified functions Adobe brings in its latest version of Acrobat, such as the use of OpenType fonts and new annotation types.

Channel Partners

Certified Resellers must be able to offer our more demanding customers appropriate pre- and post-sales support. It is one of the breakthrough, indispensable features that has enfoccus PitStop a critical component of PDF-for-print workflows.

Certified Expert Software resellers, Certified Resellers, software training centers and independent consultants can qualify as Certified Expert. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document’s status or sensitivity. More and more Enfocus customers are looking for certiified who have a solid understanding of our market place and all of the Enfocus products. With this release of PitStop Professional, Enfocus also re-institutes one of its most heralded features: To be recognized as Certified Reseller you need to be a software reseller offering one of more of certtified Enfocus products and add significant added value to our customers.

In addition Enfocus offers a range of Instant PDF Multi-Packs, allowing document receivers to equip their document creators at a low per-unit cost. Enfocus Software is internationally recognized as the primary source of essential solutions for reliable, accurate, inter-company PDF file exchange and precise PDF output between designers, publishers and printers.

Open Publish Back to the future! Take Acrobat to the next level. Esko Partners site Privacy Terms and conditions. In fact, Enfocus applications are installed in the vast majority of PDF publishing workflows worldwide, and today the company is the market and technology leader in PDF quality management.