françois Cusset’s work on french theory, foucault, Derrida, Deleuze and Co. and the transformations of intellectual life in the. United States, has not yet been. Review: Francois Cusset. French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the Intellectual Life of the United States. Last week, while rushing to finish up a review of Francois Cusset’s French Theory : How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the.

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Meanwhile, Back in France.

theoy Anthony Uhlmann – – Cambridge University Press. Please sign in to update your newsletter preferences. Rather than focus on the “use” of French Theory, Cusset spends the majority of his discussion of American academics focusing on the “abuse” of French Theory in fields such as Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies, Post-colonial Studies, and literary criticism in general. In his conversation about feminism, bell hooks or Hortense Frnch are not mentioned once, despite both authors being major contributors – originators in some respects – to womanism, feminism, and postmodernism.

JR Martin rated it liked it Sep 15, We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Study finds female college graduates newly on the job frencu are punished for having good grades. This rhizomatic proliferation of French Theory soon led to the sort of mutations that ultimately made the American variant unrecognizable in France and provides an answer to Cusset’s central question.

He looks at the process as it unfolded at various levels of academic culture: Reveling in the gossipy history, Cusset also provides a lively exploration of the many provocative critical practices inspired by French theory. It’s really a chapter in US intellectual history.

French Theory — University of Minnesota Press

Aptly, the author writes “that the very logic of French theoretical texts prohibits certain uses of them, uses that were often necessary, however, to their American readers in order to put the text to work.

What I find to be lacking in his analysis is a fuller discussion of their relationship to Marxism. Reading for grad school Meanwhile, Back in France Conclusion: After any truly radical social transformation failed to materialize, radicalism tended to retreat to cuszet confines of the university. Literature and Theory 5.

Not for beginners, which, alas, I am. Zach and I both noticed Cusset’s emphasis on the influence of French theory in the Humanities–writ large insofar as cultural studies doesn’t quite belong there, though it doesn’t not belong there either–and doesn’t touch as much on the influence of these theories on the social sciences. Robyn Ferrell – – Critical Horizons 4 2: Why longer lives require relevant, accessible curricula throughout long careers opinion.


Moreover, it’s also engaged in the questions of the relationship between this body of knowledge and U. One of Cusset’s keenest insights is presented in the section entitled the “politics of quotation” where he articulates the ways that strategies of encapsulation created an “uprooting and reassembling” that allowed the American proponents of Cussrt Theory to legitimate or authorize their work by recourse to quotations while at the same time altering that work to fit their own practical intellectual or political agenda.

The framing question is designed to lead the reader to Cusset’s conclusion that France is now in a unique position to reclaim the French theoreticians they had repudiated “without a second thought”. May 01, Kim Lacey rated it it was amazing. It assumes from the outset that you either know this stuff or you don’t.

The CEA Forum

Instead, it would be much more fitting to say that French Theory is an investigation of the workings of what C. We have found an existing account for the email address. I am sure this book will become the reference on both sides of the Atlantic. David rated it liked it Jun 08, Thus fields such as Cultural Studies reveal a massive blindspot in the way they “laud the transgressive acts of rock stars” like Madonna while refusing to question the “highly marketable Madonna industry and the way her image is marketed.

The Academic Enclave 3. We didn’t recognize that password reset code. The book’s writing style struck me as very self-consciously French, i. Thus Cusset’s narrative unfolds in two ways. According to Cusset, it was in these “niche markets” cuusset academic culture that the “most sophisticated tools of textual analysis and the new university came to be applied to subjects as wide ranging as gangsta rap, “Harlequin” romance readers, Star Trek fans, and even the supposed ‘philosophical’ subtext of the Seinfeld series.

More importantly, it teases out why it was cussett in its transformation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But the time and effort spent unearthing or bemoaning the passing connections between Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Bono, Madonna, or The Matrix films with thinkers like Deleuze, Derrida, Guattari, Virilio, and Foucault comes at the expense of a sustained engagement with the ways that American theorists such as Paul vusset Man, J.

Find it on Scholar. Reveling in the gossipy history, Cusset reveals how French theory has become inextricably bound with American life. This was like reading a book-length version of US weekly but for critical theory. Empiricism as Rhetorical Event. Your existing password has not been changed. Literature and Theory 76 5.