Doomsday is a standalone and thus does not require the original HoI2 to be installed. Finally, Armageddon or “ARMA”, is a booster pack for Doomsday that was. For Doomsday, there is new command line parameter WINDOWED, which . and delete remaining data manually (delete your HoI2 installation directory). Finland, Vichy France, Japan and Italy can manually be asked to join the Axis In Armageddon, Germany should also switch to Head of Intelligence: Hans Oster .

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Do this by first guaranteeing their independence, then declaring war on Republican Spain who has a province next to Gibraltar. Another effective way to gain a beachhead is to move your invasion forces next to Cardiff, land paratroopers there, and sail your forces to the doomsdzy peaceful port. Farben is the best manufacturing tech team in the game.

Hearts of Iron 2 has had many versions. Many experts that lurk about the forums subscribe to the threads above, so your questions will be seen. Please help to improve the wiki by taking part in the discussion of the proposed merger.

With technology, production, economy and politics set up properly, the game can run more or less hands free for the first 3 years. Apr 17, Messages: Later in the game, adding FTR is recommended, since the short range and the upgrade path of INT will hurt during World conquest campaigns.

Also the time interval between checks has been changed from every 7 days to every 10 days. The only point of weakness in German research is in the Navy. It covers all of Paradox’s games, and is a repository for successful router configurations. Alternatively, intercede on Nationalist Spain’s behalf during their civil war.

There are a number of feasible ways to reach Suez:. This can be accomplished by January, Which is a pain.

Hearts of Iron Main Page

Germany will be able to enlist several nations into the Axis throughout the course of the game. If you are unsuccessful there, ask your questions in this forum thread. Treasure fleets of gold and silver from the New World power an empire that spans the globe.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Another good province for an airborne assault is Norwich, from where you can easily strike at the heart of England. If all else fails its pretty easy to edit a save file to give the provinces to yourself – just grab textpad and open the save file. The game gradually slows down as time progresses.

Capture Iceland, Greenland and then proceed to Canada. The best attack route is from Persia.

Note that even veteran players of HOI2, for the most part, abide by historical events at least until war with Poland. Ostrava, Brno, and Bratislava all do not have forts and border Germany.

Technical issues

If you want a replica of history read a book about it. Else you can always spend a few more months to annex USA. So if I have this Anthology version, I just click on Armageddon, then install and it will take care of everything?

Alternatively, capture Oslo and Narvik with paratroopers, then annex Norway immediately. The landing party should consist of three marine divisions. The best way to capture it is probably by sending paratroopers on airborne assault.

The Czech army is not a concern due to its very limited size, but its forts in the Sudetenland are very powerful owing to a level 10 size, and hilly terrain. Inswitching the Foreign Minister to Ribbentrop is a good idea if Germany plans on influencing countries.

Where did you get the game?

Yes, my password is: Because of this reason and the fact that the benefit of accepting the peace is very small, it is a good idea to strive for total annexation of UK.