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Although intended primarily for electrical distribution networks, IEC can be used for other metering applications, including non-electrical metered. 4 Jan Table I.3 – Meter Reading: Mapping ebIX Metered Data to IEC .. intended primarily for electrical distribution networks, IEC can be. IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Application integration at electric utilities – System interfaces for distribution management –.

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Typical uses of the message types include meter reading, meter control, meter events, customer data synchronization and customer switching. A service point exists within a service location and is lec at the place where a meter may be installed. Message format diagrams can be construed to represent an XML schema. Types of electrical measuring instruments – Part The handheld device is not connected to a communication network in a field.

The software inventories the asset — providing a record of its physical attributes as well as its location.

Message format diagrams contained in the body of this document iecc to be considered normative. The descriptions provided describe usage within this part. The meter records the data used for tariffing public networks, and data used for network balancing mechanisms. Figure 1 attempts to describe the concept of essentially a shopping-list of functionality which may be available in the logical or physical end device. From the perspective of this 61698-9, an end device: Some 619968-9 systems attempt to add value to low-end meters by adding functionality that the meter may lack.

Load control devices are used to control loads at a ServiceDeliveryPoint. End point asset history. Turn off more accessible mode.

These abstract components are grouped by the business functions of the Interface Reference Model. Document overview for IEC — 9. This document is Part 9 of the IEC standard and specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to Meter Reading and Control.

It does not necessarily mean that compliant software is delivered neither as separate modules nor as a single system. Billing entities may correct the data, or, in some regions, the energy supplier eic perform Validating, Editing, and Estimating VEE according to rules established by the appropriate supervising regulatory agency.

Credit information is used for determining customer credit worthiness for point of sale meters. IECby contrast, is intended to support the inter-application integration of a utility enterprise that needs to connect disparate applications that are already built or new legacy or purchased applicationseach supported by dissimilar runtime environments.

A CommunicationsAsset may be associated with a specific EndDeviceAsset or other piece of conducting equipment e. In some cases the group ID is maintained within the end device, but in other cases it can be managed by a metering system.

The Table 1 shows these functions and typical abstract components that are expected to be producers of information for these message types. The ConnectionRequest must identify the Meter and the type of action requested, e. Part 1 of this standard describes infrastructure services common to all abstract components while Parts define the details of the information exchanged for specific types of abstract component.

Primary voltages and currents are scaled down using 661968-9 transformers PTs and current transformers CTs so that the idc does not have to be constructed to withstand the high voltages and currents actually delivered to the load. The metering system ie often have a communication network which can be used for transmitting load control signals to various CommunicationsAsset s in order to control the load presented by the EndDeviceAsset s.

The tasks of the Data Collection sub-component within the Metering System may include: Parts of this standard define interfaces relevant to each of the major business functions described by the Interface Reference Model.

The interaction between systems is within the scope of this standard, and Figure 2 attempts to describe the isc systems involved, and provide an overview to the stakeholder landscape. The purpose of this document is to define a standard 6968-9 the integration of Metering Systems MSwhich would include traditional one or two-way Automated Meter Reading AMR Systems, with other systems and business functions within the scope of IEC Each Reading has an associated ReadingType.

This series of standards, which are intended to be implemented with middleware services that exchange messages among applications, will complement, not replace utility data warehouses, database gateways, and operational stores.

The OutageDetectionEvent contains the information of a trouble report which is the consequence of an MS outage detection or detection of a power quality issue e. The following normative documents contain provisions, which through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard. One of the strengths of the CIM is its flexibility. Message type names are based on these entities. Ic meters can also capture pure engineering quantities such as voltage, current, power factor, etc.

Used to issue commands to EndDeviceAssets such as meters. The spinning disk in an electromechanical meter generally serves as a pulse initiator to the meter recorder module. Another approach is to use meters that have relays which are configured to serve as LC devices. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Point of Sale falls under the scope of IEC General terms relating to electrical measurements – Part A Load Management System is used to manage and control load by the utility in order to promote system reliability.

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Secondary values are small percentage of the primary values that may actually delivered to or connected to the load. It provides for interoperability among different computer systems, platforms, and programming languages. All Ice sequence diagrams contained herein are to be considered as informative examples of how a message exchange could occur. Utilities will employ some form of asset management software in an effort to maintain detailed records regarding their physical assets.

Documents that contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard.

Recommended formulation of the ReadingTypeId. The installer will customarily follow a work order which specifies a given location, and usually requires that he or she capture readings from the old and new meters, and record the time 619689- day in which the work was performed. The purpose of this document is to define a standard for the integration of Metering Systems MSwhich includes traditional manual systems, and one or ief Automated Meter Reading AMR Systems, with other systems and business functions within the scope of IEC Performing meter maintenance may require exchanges with Work Management.