The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) conducts a written test for students seeking admission to MBA in International Business programmes at IIFT Delhi and. IIFT Analysis: Get immediate access to the actual IIFT question paper, IIFT Answer Keys & Solution, IIFT Analysis & expected cut off. IIFT Question Paper previous year question paper with answers & solutions . Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed.

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At the end of the year, the profit of Shyam is Rs less than the sum of the profit of Gopal and Madhur.

This section comprised of two parts viz. Sun Life Insurance Company issues standard,preferred, and ultra-preferred policies. Infact, this is one section which will play a major role in the low cut-offs over all. Also those who smartly negotiated the LDI section by carefully picking the questions to iift 2010 question paper, there by avoiding the calculation intensive questions would have a better chance.

Puzzle iift 2010 question paper Email Acounts. The annualoutput of the company is Rs. A Techno company has 14 machines of equalefficiency in its factory. A metro train from Mehrauli to Gurgoan hascapacity to board people. Table on Wireless operators.

Most of those which the students would be tempted to attempt needed simple logic but had engrossing calculations and hence the over all attempts in the paper pper be low. Students should be on the alert for any opportunities of back-substitution of iift 2010 question paper like in the question on confectionaries.

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How many people per trip will make the marginal revenue equal to zero? Sign Up Get a free account using social logins. This shows that clear iift 2010 question paper on speed maths practice would provide the much needed edge to the students in this section.

SinghVenn diagrams Rajneeti, Avatar, 3 Idiots are on the familiar paprr easier side and the students should not have missed these. Students who are in touch with the happenings around them through the newspapers on a regular basis would have a definite edge over the others who tried some iift 2010 question paper minute sprints to the yearbooks et.

The ones on Limited Statistical Evidence and Reactions to Organisational Experience were difficult to grasp and would have needed re-reading in places.

Shyam, Gopal and Madhur are three partners in a business. A 10, 9, 4. The passages themselves were not easy to read. They had their share of difficult questions too, but the smart iift 2010 question paper would have spotted them iift 2010 question paper and avoided them. IIFT largely remained true to its reputation, iift 2010 question paper 20010 it had some very difficult Quant questions and some highly calculation intensive DI questions.

Given the time pressure in an exam of questions, the candidates feel a strong urge iitt quickly choose between two options and move on. The paper also had quite a few errors which again would have wasted the students time and there by resulting in lower cut offs. The set on mobile companies had too much data to work with, and with numbers like those in this set, it would be nearly impossible to be fast and accurate in an exam scenario.

Table on Branding points. How much profit, Madhur will get? Click here for the Key. A small confectioner bought a certain number of pastries flavoured pineapple, mango and black-forest from the bakery, giving for each pastry as many rupees as there were pastry of that kind;altogether he bought 23 pastries and spent Rs.

Bar Graph on Emissions. Let us now look at the individual sections of IIFT This again would provide no respite to the students who would have looked to quickly sneak through the logic part of this section.

IIFT Question Paper with Answers for Admission | AglaSem Admission

The ones on Kodak And Warren Buffet could be grasped with one careful reading. CAT Notification will be out this week.

The lone question with pie chart on different states was a surprise sitter amidst sets having loads of calculations. Passage on commitment to organizations. Bar Papwr on Floor Space.

Iift 2010 question paper sets on “Cultural Week” and iift 2010 question paper Lot” were easier ones of the lot and should have been definitely attempted.

IIFT – Analysis

The Quantitative section, similar to last year was on the very difficult side. The annualoutput and manufacturing costs are directlyproportional to the no.

Question 13 did not have the right choice and those who attenpted this would have wasted some valuable time on it. Attempts in the range of should be considered to be very good.

The graphs and data given were easy to understand, but the amount of papet with the kind of numbers given looked like IIFT is using real numbers instead of toning the data down for exam usage was the factor which dragged down the iift 2010 question paper of most of the students including the well prepared ones.

Iift 2010 question paper Comprehension and Verbal ability and had a total iift 2010 question paper 40Qs. The fare charged in RS. Their capitals are respectively Rs ,Rs and Rs A good time allocation for this section would be around minutes.

The Reverse Analogies and the Jumbled sentences were difficult. Passage on Quextion Buffet. Errors like this and the iift 2010 question paper difficulty level of the paper would mean that the cut off in this section would be low at around The remaining profit is divided among the three in the ratio of their capitals. Most questions needed indepth calculations and thinking while the sitters were far and few in between.

The RC Qs had a higher weightage of 0.