Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail. So the central institution of civilization exists, and can only exist, by systematically exploiting its. Civilization, for all its wonders and advantages, is destined to collapse due to its nature, writes Ophuls in this meticulously argued treatise. The concept of the world as a narrative came back to my mind when reading “ Immoderate Greatness, Why Civilizations Fail”, a book by William.

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[PDF] Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail [Online Books] – video dailymotion

Just ordered your cracker book — have baked bread for over 40 years and eager to try out some crackers. Why is it that civilizations have tended to see the natural world as cornucopian—that is, as a banquet on which they were free to gorge without limit? For the last ten years I have greaatness studying how energy, the environment and economics interrelate. Civilization, for all its wonders and advantages, is destined to collapse due to its nature, writes Ophuls in this meticulously argued treatise.

Why Civilizations Fail by William Ophuls.

Cassandra’s Legacy: Immoderate Greatness: the narrative of collapse

Ophuls takes a multidisciplinary approach to constructing his arguments, drawing on concepts and copious sources from the sciences, political theory, historical research and literature to synthesize an argument that pleads for humanity to take a long view toward the use and preservation of resources. A Short History of Progress.

They built their civilisations on the back of slaves. Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon.

He has since published three books on the ecological, social, and political challenges confronting modern industrial civilization. Something to look forward to! I have read many of the sources cited in Mr Ophuls book. That is the beauty of fossil fuels.

In short, limited, fallible human beings are bound to bungle civilizayions job of managing complex systems. It’s not by chance that the US industrial north was abolitionist while the rural south was pro-slavery. He took a subject as broad and multifaceted as civilization collapse and distilled it down to the bear essentials.

I made my own division some years ago, which like the rest of my blog got no attention. Indeed, the real product of genuine systems analysis is not solutions but wisdom.

But in the process most of the energy in the wood was wasted. It is a machine for converting ten calories of fossil-fuel energy into one calorie of food.


The patient modern human civilization is critically and perhaps terminally ill, and Ophuls explains why with enormous skill. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Hence they appear to have a natural lifespan of roughly years that human action can do little to extend.

Accordingly, misalignments and mischaracterizations are bound to arise even as the larger arc of civilization remains intact. So the question is actually pretty simple: We like to think about one or at most a few things at a time….

It does remind Tainter. First, by engaging in unnecessary wars or imperial ventures that drain the civilization of blood and treasure. Civilizations are unnatural accumulations of wealth and power that cannot be sustained over the long term. Uncovering the New World Columbus Created.

There were immmoderate others to keep the flame alive. His most recent book is ” The Seneca Effect ” Springer Jan 02, N. December 6, at 6: Second, by buying off the populace with bread, circuses, and entitlements, thereby promising more than can be delivered over the long term. George Marshall in his blog “Climate Change Denial” covers this theme fil well. Rather, empires behave like all complex adaptive systems.

May 26, at 8: No trivia or quizzes yet.