Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of. Title: Intertwined. Author: Gena Showalter. Genre: YA (Fantasy). Publisher: Harlequin Teen Publishing Date: September 1, Hardcover. The complete series list for – Intertwined Gena Showalter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and.

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I appreciate that there are no triangles Showlater Sep 05, Crystal rated it it was ok Shelves: I just wished there were more interaction with the trapped souls.

Intertwined Series

Aden wou I had very high hopes for this first YA book by Gena. Aden has so much to go through in this book.

Would that settle well with you, if you were Victoria? It was just so ridiculously pointless and unnecessary! She’s a nice girl who truly cares about Aden but she wasn’t my favorite character.

But Vlad has Tucker remember Tucker? He’s not alone in his head, that sounds bad but it actually isn’t. The characters really all seemed unique and mostly genuine.

It’s no wonder everybody wants a piece of him. The kicker is Riley is a shifter who happens to be Victoria’s showaltre to boot.

Unfortunately, not all of the changes will bring happiness to those involved. And also the conversation between the characters was stilted more so towards the end of the book. When I first read that, I thought that there was no way an author could pull that off.

I loved how he managed to get control over the vamps beasts. Cant she just die or get hit with a fallen meteor or something? I would have thought that Ms. How awesome does that sound? I may need to take a road trip while waiting for the next book in the series and see if I can’t find this place.


Because that would be too gema. Aden lives intertwinsd foster homes and he’s moved into a ranch, living with other teens. In Mary Ann’s defense, she didn’t know she was doing this, but as all young love requires tension, this puts a damper on her ability to date Riley. I am also getting so sick of Mary Ann. Trivia About Unraveled Intert He doesn’t know where they came from or who they are; they have been with him since birth – they were always just there.

Why is it that there aren’t shoqalter my opinion many new ideas for teenage books? Oh, oh, oh, one more: Feb 11, Kristiana S rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh I just thought she was terribl So I did like this book, I’d give it a 3.

Of course, I wasn’t surprised, this was a book by Gena Showalter. She seems more like a person now and not just a character throw into the story.

Intertwined (Intertwined, #1) by Gena Showalter

I could go on, but this review isn’t just about Riley sigh. Aden and the souls inside of him. I was close though.

Elijah, the soul that can and will predict when you die. It took until Chapter 8 P for things to start to come together. Victoria in the Cafeteria towards the beginning of the book seems to be a tough girl but with Aden she takes a backseat and becomes a stereotypical follower to Aden and whatever he does even though she is a Vampire and can cause more harm and damage than Aden can.

My initial thoughts after reading Unraveled: