AİRALASİ Limit Switches with wide range and high quality are used for import substitution. The range includes. – – –. F – max adjustment tment. JAI-BALAJI price list. . (Theabove Limit Switch with Gold PlatedContactsRs. . I [email protected] HEAVY DUTY PULL CORDSWITCHWITH INDICATOR(1NO+1NC) BALAJI HEAVY DUTY PULL . Jai Balaji Control Gears Pvt Ltd offers a of limit switches in unlimited range, has another range called BC-9 mini limit switches, which finds.

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Available in standard models and designs, these push buttons are widely used in different electrical applications. BC 9 Cat whisker limit switches are available in two designs with mm long operating lever. To ensure customer satisfaction, these are quality tested at our own end by our expert quality analyst. We procure these from the certified vendors of the industry, who manufacture these using quality materials and components.

The operating levers may be rotated and locked in any position through 0. Engineering Plastic Industrial Get Price. The offered range of Oil Tight Limit Switches includes: Both these types can be operated in any direction from the centre.

Ample wiring space for easy termination. The second type has jwi roller of 12mm diameter and 3. JAI Limit Switches with wide range and high quality ate used for import substitution. Limit Switches all lever type are available in spring return or maintained type. One type consists of vatalogue.

The lever rollers are 19mm diameter and 8mm thickness. The plunger mechanisms is of oil-tight construction and prevents any ingress of oil, including coolant. Brand Jai balaji Model No.

The second type has steel roller of 12mm diameter and 3. The serrated silver stationery contacts, definite wiping action and high contact pressure assure reliability on dry circuit applications.

Product Range

Diagram for Operating Data. The second balajji has a steel roller of Jai Limit Switches with wide range and high quality are used for import subsitution.

Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. The contact mechanism incorporates a moveable contact assembly utilising two pressed leap springs to provide quick-make, quick-break action which eliminates any position of zero contact pressure and ensures non-teasing action, even with an extremely slow operation motion. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Led Illuminated Pilot Lights Push Buttonswhich includes push button selector switches, illuminated selector switches, pilot lights.

Rotary Lever Operating Heads are available in spring return and caralogue type. They also conform to European standard CE. Standard oil tight type Micro adjustable type Precision type Heavy duty type Extra heavy duty type. As they are completely sealed explosion proof device, these switches are suitable for both domestic and commercial sectors.

Add mts as suffix to code while ordering. Twenty-five circuit options 25 a v a.

Limit Switch Approx Price: The second type has a steel roller of The lever rollers are 19mm diameter and 16 mm thickness. Thus these products come with an assurance of long lasting life and reliable functioning.

In our BC 9 Side plunger roller type limit switches there balsji a provision to change the positioning of the roller plunger from horizontal to vertical position and vise versa by unscrewing the plunger cap nut and it is ready to operate as per the choice. Limit switches offered by us, are procured from the trusted and reliable vendors of the industry.

Top push button Top push roller assembled in line with contact block To push roller assembled at right angle to contact block Roller lever, right hand mounting Roller lever, left hand mounting Six inch lever, right hand mounting Six inch lever, left hand mounting.

Meset position adjustment Reverse action setting adjustment Rapid setting adjustments of rotary operation lever through o and scheme changes without dismounting Four possible mounting positions Confirms To IS: Reach Us Gmap P. Serrated terminals to give firm grip to straighten wire. We Also Deal In.

Jai Balaji Control Gears – Limit Switch Authorized Wholesale Dealer from New Delhi

The levers are available in fixed and lkmit lengths. To cater to the varied needs and demands of our customers, we are offering these in. Pilot lights and push button switches offers flexibility, safety, reliability, simplicity of connection and interchangeability that are the important factors for panel assemblers.

Santosh Electricals Shop No. The rotary shaft can be readily changed to operate clockwise, counter clockwise or both. Both these types can be operated in any direction from the centre. Adjustment is acompiished by locking the 8mm spanner in the spindle and then by tur ning the threaded 4 mm hex.

One has adjustable push button which can be adjusted upto 8mm Adjustment is accomplished by locking the 8mm spanner in the spindle and then by turning the threaded 4mm hex.