products offers jolt squeeze moulding machine products. About 95% of these are metal casting machinery, 1% are other machinery. products Tags: Metal Casting Machinery | Sand Molding Machine | Sand Casting Machine. Green Sand Ram Jolt Squeezing Casting Molding/Moulding. We design, manufacture and supply simultaneous jolt squeeze molding machines that have heavy duty construction, making them suitable for mass production.

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A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 2 wherein said table extension and the upper end of said ram form a jolt cavity, the end of said ram exposed to such cavity being larger in area than the end exposed to such squeeze pressure.

To fill the mold box formed by the flask and pattern plate with the sandsqueeze head is moved out of the way, such squeeze head being mounted on head cantilevered over the mold box from upstanding frame squeeez the back of the machine, as in the FIG.

This anvil or conventional jolt may continue as desired to obtain suitable ramming of the sand within the flask. A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 3 including an exhaust port in said table extension operative to vent such cavity as pressure therein relatively moves said ram and table. A jolt-squeeze molding machine comprising a frame, a vertically movable table in said frame adapted to support a sand filled mold box, an overhead squeeze ssueeze, a jolt mechanism in said table capable of jolting the sand in such mold box prior to and during elevation of the latter against said head, a pair of arms operative to lift such mold box from said table to facilitate inversion, said jolt mechanism including means to provide an anvil jolt prior to elevation and a shockless jolt during elevation.

A foundry molding machine mouldding set forth in claim 1 including a cylindrical extension on said table, said ram being mounted for reciprocation in said table extension. It is easy to operate, visual sand, the operational procedures can be human and effective to increase productivity. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

JOLT-SQUEEZE MOLDING MACHINE – The Sherwin-Williams Company

Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff. A jolt-squeeze molding machine capable of producing an anvil or shockless jolt comprising a squeeze piston, jolt means, a table, said squeeze piston supporting said table for movement toward and away from a squeeze head, said jolt means comprising a ram operative to strike said table, said ram including an extension projecting through said squeeze piston and into the pressure side chamber of said piston.

During squeeze, air under pressure is admitted to the squeeze chamber maxhine and the squeeze piston 42 moves upwardly carrying with it the table The sand casting moulding machine using the fuselage box structure basket to improve the body of the steel.

Jolt Squeeze Molding Machinefoundry casting machine. Such head 12 supports a downwardly projecting squeeze board 14 which is generally vertically aligned in its operative position with table 15 saueeze for vertical movement in the table housing or base Shockless jolt molding machine.

The ram is provided with a depending annular skirt making the ram substantially coextensive with the cylindrical extension of the table in the FIG. Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent as the following description proceeds. Still another object is the provision of such machine wherein the squeeze pressure is varied in synchronism with the jolt to obtain a moukding effective overall hardness of the mold.

The upper end of the frame 10 supports head 12 for horizontal swinging movement on the axis of pin A molding machine as set forth in claim 21 including a cylindrical extension on said table cooperating with said jolt ram to form a jolt cavity above said ram, and means to pressurize said cavity to elevate said table and vent said cavity to drop said table to obtain an anvil jolt.

Our equipment is designed and constructed with our customer’s safety as a top priority. Simple green sand casting process ,suitable for mould no need to put sand core.

Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine

Click for automatic bibliography generation. A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 8 including an extension on said piston supporting said table in one position thereof, said ram and its extension being bottomed on the cylinder of said piston-cylinder assembly and slightly clearing said table whereby air pressure between said ram and table will elevate the latter to drop the same on said piston extension when said pressure is vented to obtain an anvil jolt.

A molding machine as set forth in claim 20 wherein both sqheeze squeeze piston and said ram are bottomed on said housing in the lowermost position of said table.

T he machine adopt the jolting technology, so it can significantly increase the compressive stress to make the hardness up to HB90 and upgrade one level about the surface roughness, so it can guarantee the quality T he shock part of the machine is buffer spring, so it can effectively reduce the impact to foundation T he pattern drawing mechanism adopt the cylinder,crank, connecting rod, synchronizing shaft to achieve the synchronism T he control part, it adopts all pneumatic components to achieve the global function, simple operation and convenient to maintenance T he machine is convenient to operate, itcan visual the sand mould, human operation, so it is effective to increase the productivity T echnical parameters: Resin sand molding Jolt squeeze moulding Core shooting machine.

After the mold jlot rammed, the table is lowered and the pattern may be drawn from the mold. Fitted mouldibg such cylindrical portion is a squeeze piston provided with piston rings seen at and A Teflon or like piston ring 67 is provided as indicated between the appropriate sliding surfaces.

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The working principle of a squeezer type moulding machine is shown in Fig. Basically, these machines achieve this by turning the flask together with the pattern upside, down and then lifting the ojlt out of the mould.


A ram follower of reduced diameter is provided subjacent the underside of the ram An intermediate chamber 76 is provided between the enlarged portion of the jolt ram and the top of the squeeze piston, such chamber also underlying the depending cylindrical extension 40 of the table Follow mouldkng Twitter Facebook.

Vibration jolt squeeze clay sand moulding molding machine.

It is noted that the area of the ram 66 exposed to the chamber 78 is considerably greater than the area of the extension mouldding exposed to the squeeze chamber Resin sand molding Jolt squeeze moulding Core shooting machine. The larger diameter portion of the jolt ram 66 slides within the cylindrical inner surface of the depending cylindrical portion 40 of the table The squeeze head 14 can accordingly be swung out of the way to permit overhead filling of mold box 16 supported on table 15 with molding sand.

Maximum squeeze pressure is obtained between jolt strikes.