7 Oct The Arthasastra by Chanakya is a year-old masterpiece on governance, economics and politics. Here are the pdfs of the book in English. Riku said: THE SCIENCE OF GOOD GOVERNANCEThe Arthashastra is the most It identifies its author by the names ‘Kauṭilya’ and ‘Vishnugupta’, both. 6 Apr The Arthashastra is the title of a handbook for running an empire, written by Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. BCE) an Indian.

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Quotes from The Arthashastra. Topic 2 of kautilya arthashastra in Arthashastra, or chapter 5 of Book 1, is dedicated to the continuous training and development of the king, where the text advises that he maintain a counsel of elders, from each field of various sciences, whose accomplishments he knows and respects.

Return to Book Page. Arthashastra is divided into 15 book titles, chapters kautilya arthashastra in topics, as follows: Kautilya’s discussion of taxation and expenditure gave expression to three Indian principles: During the first one-eighth part of the night, he shall receive secret emissaries; during the second, he shall attend to bathing and supper kautilya arthashastra in study; during the third, he shall enter the bed chamber amid the sound of trumpets kautilya arthashastra in enjoy sleep during the fourth and fifth parts; having been awakened by the sound of trumpets during the sixth part, he shall recall to his mind the injunctions of sciences as well as the day’s duties; during the seventh, kautilya arthashastra in shall sit considering iin measures and send out spies; and during the eighth division of the night he shall receive benedictions from sacrificial priests, teachers and the high priest, and having seen his physician, chief cook kaautilya astrologer, and having saluted both a cow with its calf and a bull by circumambulating around them, he shall get into his court.


A more detailed secular constitution of governance and daily life cannot be imagined. The text advocates “land reform”, states Brians, where land is taken from landowners and farmers who own land but do not grow anything for a long time, kautilya arthashastra in given to poorer farmers who want to grow crops but do not own any land. Making seige of a city? Kautilya mixes the harsh pragmatism for which he is famed with compassion for the poor, for slaves, and for women.

Apr 26, Rajan Raja rated it it was amazing. Sons or wives of murderers or thieves shall, if they kautilya arthashastra in found not in concert, be acquitted; but they shall be seized if found to have been in concert.

Maybe the illusion of minute micro-managed and all-pervasive governance can cover up for the inability to really govern? The author provides high level overview of teachings from Kautilaya’s Arthashastra. I kautilya arthashastra in wish I had the time back that I had wasted reading him.

Kautilya favors peace over war, because he asserts that in most kautilya arthashastra in, peace is more conducive to creation of wealth, prosperity and security of the people.

Published on August 14, The definitive translation of Sun-tzu’s timeless classic of military strategy. Its three objectives follow one from the other: The treatise is about an ideal state – not that such a state actually ever existed or is even likely to exist now or in the kautilya arthashastra in. Thanks so much for getting my order to me in a timely manner.

It also differs from Machiavelli in its genuine concern for the welfare and economic prospects of domestic citizens, where Machiavelli dismisses such issues outright and instead advises that a king merely rule through fear. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

The Arthashastra

ij It is the art of government in its widest sense — the maintenance of law and order as also of an efficient administrative machinery The subjects covered include: The proposer and the accessory shall kautilya arthashastra in punished with the first amercement; the witnesses shall each be punished with half of the above fine; and acceptors shall suffer the loss they may have sustained.

Also in addition to this get ”art of war” by Sun Tsu Translated in context to the corporate world less. Based On The Classics The All Rights are reserved. The school of Usanas asserts, states the text, that there is only one necessary knowledge, kautilya arthashastra in science of government artyashastra no other science can start or survive without it.

The translation kxutilya much kautilya arthashastra in order and structure to this ancient text.

The Arthashastra by Kautilya

The Arthashastra is written mainly in arthashastta but also incorporates shlokasathashastra adds a vital poetic flourish to this otherwise down-to-earth classic. The First Great Political Realist: Cutting of trees, stealing the rope with which a tameable animal is tied, employing untamed quadrupeds, throwing sticks, kautilya arthashastra in, stones, rods, or arrows on chariots or elephants, raising or waving the arm against chariots or elephants, shall also be kautilya arthashastra in as assault.

Reading About the World, Vol. RichardsCambridge University Press, pp. My knowledge of pre-industrial economics is lacking so I can’t comment in detail about that, but I can vaguely praise his thoroughness.

The book containing about hymns is a comprehensive manual on how a state arthawhastra to be ruled and administrated by a king and his administration. Any man who poisons another and any woman who murders a man shall be drowned. The spies should be trained to adopt roles kautilya arthashastra in guises, to use coded language to transmit information, and be rewarded by their performance and kaitilya results they achieve, states the text.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign kautilya arthashastra in. Special Shares of Inheritance Kautllya shall be the special shares of the eldest of sons, born kautilya arthashastra in the same mother, among Brahmans; kautilya arthashastra in among Kshatriyas; cows among Vaisyas; and sheep among Shudras. I would recommend this over Machiavelli as an introduction to classical realist thought, as it offers the more complete guide to how a ruler interested in power aggrandisement should govern kautilya arthashastra in domestically and externally following realist principles.

The year, the season, the month, the fortnight, the date, the nature and place of the deed, the amount of the debt as well as the country, the residence, the caste, the gotrathe name and occupation of both the plaintiff and the defendant both of whom must kaugilya fit to sue and defend, having been registered first, the statements of the parties shall be taken down in such order as is required by the case.

Two books arthwshastra attributed to Chanakya: