Kenneth Goldsmith Fidget (, Coach House Books) (MP3) Recorded at the WFMU studios, Jersey City, New Jersey, September March Fidget has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. mwpm said: every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, * * *Eyelids open. Tongue runs acros. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. , Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith’s body on Bloomsday (June 16) from

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Left hand thrusts body into erect position. Drops into next molar. Moves from wrist in half-spiral counterclockwise rotation.

Right finger moves to nose, then to hairline. Transfers to left hand. Feet flat on ground. Arm raises above head.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Hands move behind head. Bravin Post Lee, ; No. Elbow moves toward nose. Small areas on face and broad areas on neck caressed by hands.

Finger removes caked mucus from nostril. As a collector, compiler, composer, and arranger of everyday speech and the discourse of common culture, Goldsmith makes readers aware of the linguistic matter all about us, and the potential for it to be materialized. Left hand releases and moves to top.

Goldsmith’s current textual practice involves exercises in “uncreativity. Floremcripsum rated it it was amazing Jan 04, La cabeza se alza.

Amy rated it liked it Sep 01, Pulls toward body one hundred eighty degrees.

Joint of thumb meets biceps. Jul 27, Goldsmitth marked it as to-read. Tongue licks upper left lip. Right hand scratches right calf. Other than minor issues I have with a few of Goldsmith’s choices, the reason this is getting two stars is that it’s just brutal to read. Elbows lean against arms. Thumbs and forefingers crease.

Left hand, grasping with three fingers, moves toward mouth. Right hand grasps coffee cup. Mucus pools in right nostril. Probes smooth exterior of left upper fang. Hands move kennetth from body, massaging each other.

Thumbs trail behind fingers. Extracts testicles and penis using thumb and forefinger. Elbow pulls arm back to body. Hand returns cup to table. Shoulder lifts above elbow. Reproduced in a single consistent font, the published text is an page folio-sized tome, again demonstrating the physicality of language and the actual weight of linguistic material that most view as disposable.

Kkenneth slightly to right in half semi-circle. Feb 21, Inkpenshmee rated it liked it Shelves: On May 11,Gidget was featured at President and Mrs.

Stomach fills with air. Retrieved from ” https: Tongue licks upper lip left to right. Left hand reaches and grasps circular formation. The show was an extension of Goldsmith’s writing experiments, his pedagogy and UbuWeb. Right hand caresses left. Tongue runs across upper row of teeth. Elbow turns upward as knuckles of fist jam neck. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. Hands turn around each other.

Fidget | Coach House Books

Left hand slides away from body. Left foot hits ground. Motivated by his own manifesto “Uncreative Writing” [3] and notion that “any language can be poetry”, [4] Goldsmith has been the editor of one continuous project of innovative poetics, fiidget both the study and practice of conceptual poetry as a writer, academic, and the curator of the archives at UbuWeb. Tongue on roof of mouth.