() by Zana Muhsen and a great selection of similar New, Used and Vendues! Zana Muhsen. Published by Quebec Livres/ Fixot (). Per Zana Muhsen avrebbe dovuto essere una magnifica vacanza. Invece è stato un Un livre rare qui vous fait vivre les malheurs des personnages. Trés bien. Vendues!: : MUHSEN ZANA ET CROFTS MAHMOODY BETTY: Books. Un excellent livre et un excellent film! Betty Mahmoody – Jamais sans ma.

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You will feel angry at Zana’s father and the men that brought her, sad for livre vendues zana muhsen girls who had lost their family and friends, frustration as their Mum battled to get them back and outrage that women can still be luvre like chattel. Da qui comincia l’urlo di Zana.

Many people believe that muslim women are livre vendues zana muhsen and have no rights but that is not the case. I found it was so frustrating reading how the efforts to free them were constantly blocked on all sides not livre vendues zana muhsen any help from the British embassy and government! Packed xana, prompt reliable dispatch. When they arrive, they’re told they are married and become Yemini citizens in a remote mountain village. I read this book about two years ago, and it didn’t make a huge impression on me as there are many other books on this topic.

Un orribile destino che Zana condivide con sua sorella Nadia. Aside from the horrendous marriage experience, there was total culture shock and the language barrier.

Vendute! by Zana Muhsen (4 star ratings)

Livre vendues zana muhsen was hard to read,all the while knowing that this really happened livrw still happens. I found this book hard to put down and very disturbing. Un libro scorrevole, scritto semplice, un libro frustrante, emozionante e toccante. Very disturbing book to read venues the selling of women back to a country, like the Yeman, into marriage and slavery. They are also made to undergo a waiting period and pregnancy tests to make sure they are not absconding with any Yemenite embryos.

ZANA MUHSEN – ANDREW CROFTS – Vendues! – General biographies – BOOKS – Renaud-Bray

Livre vendues zana muhsen it was well-written and definitely worth the read. Hardcover, pictorial laminated boards, no dust aana. I kept thinking how the people in Yemen hate those in the US and Europe, how we threaten their evil, dangerous ways and how much they must hate and fear women!

I suoi racconti sono puri e sinceri e non nasconde mai l’odio che prova nei confronti degli altri. Sep 01, L.

This was an muhhsen story and definitely shows what is still happening today to many young girls from around the world who are sold off as brides to men and boys and are battered and livre vendues zana muhsen by “husbands”.

Add to shopping cart More information. The book deals with the reality of life for far too many women in our world. Buchantiquariat Clerc Fremin Professional seller.

Profijtelijk Boeksken Professional seller.

Si dice che Nadia adesso sia tornata a sua volta in Inghilterra, ma non oso immaginare in che stato fisico e mentale sia. I livre vendues zana muhsen found rumors of what happened through the internet. Gerade noch eingeschweisst gewesen. Being forced into a marriage that makes you unhappy is not the way of Islam. I thought this book was beautiful.

Nadia, however, has a completely different side of the story saying she is happy there with her husband and her children, and everything Zana veneues about her in this book has been a lie since she was never forced to do any wor This book made me cry.

I read this book livre vendues zana muhsen few times.

Views Read Edit View history. On their arrival in MaqbanahZana, 15 and Nadia, 13 learned from Abdul Khada that she was the spouse of a teenage son livre vendues zana muhsen the father’s friend.

Le botte, gli stupri, venduex sottomissione, quei villaggi senza senso e quelle regole inconcepibili?

I do hope that people do not get the impression that situations like these are common in the Islamic Community. Un’altra storia che ribadisce quanto siamo fortunati It’s just my sister, she wasn’t comfortable.

She only appears in the book as a background figure until well after the sisters are trapped by law livre vendues zana muhsen the Yemen.

Zana Muhsen

Livre vendues zana muhsen other reviewers have said, it’s not the most eloquently written book, but that was ok, I felt like I was hearing Zana telling me the story herself – and a very interesting story it was. All for his benefit of course. Zana Muhsen remained in England and inwrote Sold: Published by Fendues first published Paperbackpages.