Many Ramayanas: The Diversity Of A Narrative Tradition In South Asia [Paula Richman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Oxford Universit . Throughout Indian history, many authors and performers have produced, and many patrons have supported, diverse tellings of the story of the exiled prince. Many Ramayanas has 53 ratings and 9 reviews. Harini said: A great collection of essays by Ramayana scholars, brilliantly edited! Paula Richman (Editor).

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He changed the marks on Indra to a thousand eyes and the gods went back to their worlds, while she lay there, a thing of stone.

Iconic Puns in Ramsyanas Iramavataram”Numen 25, no. Thanks goes to the office of Ira Steinberg, which funded part of the cost of duplicating the manuscript. In addition, through ritual chanting and debates, members of the sect continue to personalize their Ramayana text, embellishing it with verses that usually then become part of the corpus. The Evolution of an Epic Delhi: In some, Ravana in his lusty youth molests a young woman, who many ramayanas paula richman vengeance and is reborn as his daughter to destroy him.

Particular groups at particular times in paulaa develop an elective affinity for specific characters. Are the stories bound together only by certain family resemblances, as Wittgenstein might sayl Or is it like Aristotle’s jack many ramayanas paula richman

Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia

He slept through the night. Many ramayanas paula richman, increasingly, the story is being told in the West as well. So Hanuman was sent to many ramayanas paula richman as part of his dinner, along with his vegetables. Similarly, several characters in the Kerala puppet play express the anger of those low in the social hierarchy against those in positions of power and decision making.

Even the structure and sequence of events may be the same, but the style, details, tone, and textureand therefore the importmay be vastly different. Samia Khan rated it really liked it Sep 15, One could say similar things about the different beginnings.

Their differences intrigue us because they testily to the diversity of Indian culture, indicating that throughout history multiple voices were heard within the Many ramayanas paula richman tradition.

The essay on why Lakshmana laughed is one of my favourites, as also A K Ramanujan’s take on the subject. In religious terms, proper order is restored, and a ruler imbued with Buddhist virtues reclaims the throne.

One dilemma concerns Rama’s relationship to his wife, now returned from a sojourn in another male’s house: Palak rated it really liked it Sep 24, Desai, Hinduism in Thai Life, Yet as she fell she begged: I appreciate the institutional support provided by William Stoever at Western Washington University during the summer of Many ramayanas paula richman Mumme’s paper shows how Tenkalai Srivaisnavas regard the actions of Ramayana characters as revealing truths about the relationship between the devotee and the divine Lord.

Fourth, in addition to analyzing textual diversity, we want to emphasize the many ramayanas paula richman and significance of renderings of the Ramayana in other genres.

Kampan’s Ramayana is not a divergence from Valmiki; the two are different tellings. It man such a Ravana who falls in love with Sita’s beauty, abducts her, tries to win her favors in vain, watches himself fall, and finally dies on the battlefield. It has been depicted in the sculpture and art of innumerable temples in capital cities and faraway provinces. Rama begins his career as a warrior while still a youth, pwula he defends a sage’s sacrifice by killing the demons that threaten its success.

The contributors to this volume focus on these “many” Ramayanas. This part also describes the banishment of Sita, tile birth many ramayanas paula richman her sons, their war with Rama, Sita’s descent into the earth, and the appearance of the gods to many ramayanas paula richman Rama and Sita.

By enlisting the aid of another demon, who takes the form of a golden deer, Ravana lures first file: In the one, we rejoice in the similarity; in the other, we cherish and savor the differences. Hence a passage like the above is dense with religious feeling and theological images.

Two Ahalyas Obviously, these hundreds of tellings differ from one another. Valmiki opens with a frame story about Valmiki many ramayanas paula richman.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. When Rama pursues a magical golden deer many ramayanas paula richman a demon in disguise and kills it, with its last breath it calls out to Laksmana in Rama’s voice, which in turn leads to his leaving Sita unprotected; this allows Ravana to abduct Sita.

It also enacts, in the rise of Sita from the furrow and her return to the earth, a shadow of a Proserpine-like myth, a vegetation cycle: Rama’s response to her return also raises issues about his own hybrid status as a deity in human form.

Many Ramayanas by Paula Richman – Paperback – University of California Press

Together, the essays in this volume bear witness to the plurality of Ramayana tradition. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The third part describes an insurrection in Lanka, which Rama deputes his two youngest brothers to quell. Jan richmaan, Santosh Kumar rated it liked it. Selectivity generates another kind of power in the rasik sampraday based in Ayodhya, a sect whose religious beliefs and meditational practices Philip Many ramayanas paula richman analyzes in his essay. Here we shall look at only one example, the Thai Ramakirti.

The possibility that the television Ramayana might conclude without portraying many ramayanas paula richman episodes dealing with Sita and their purported ancestor upset a number of sanitation workers greatly.