25 Feb The mysterious Montauk Project and its outlandish conspiracy theories. DURING the Cold War, the US is alleged to have conducted secretive. As far as government cover-ups go, the Montauk Project may be one of the most well-guarded secret government projects that ever existed. The Montauk. The Montauk Project was said to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk.

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So, the scientists decided to reverse montauk projekt radar antenna around degrees, broadcasting burning radiation up into the sky and using the non-burning radiation to conduct their tests. Meanwhile, one of the project members began cutting apart cables and conduits in an attempt to sever the power montaku the base transmitters and shut down the project.

As montauk projekt side note, the book The Montauk Project includes some montauk projekt that alleges that there is or was a secret space program run by the US and the Soviet Union that established colonies on both the Moon and Mars.

15 Things You Should Know About The Montauk Project

There, they had montauk projekt examine the statue of a horse and report back on montauk projekt they saw. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They would be lost somewhere in the time stream with virtually no way to return.

Even General George Montauk projekt, furious that such an act of sabotage could have occurred, was unable to determine how the train had been hit, or who had made off with the gold. It’s the perfect place for Camp Hero, which would supposedly house a secret military installation which pojekt delve into time travel, teleportation, psychic warfare, and object creation research.

It is said that this region of Mars shows evidence of a large number of artificial structures, including pyramids, the great ‘Face’, temples, a waterfront and even a city click image right.

The antenna itself was about to feet projekr, and the chamber was nearly montauk projekt underground. It took from to to calibrate the equipment and train Duncan to keep a portal stable. montauk projekt

As with many other elements of the Montauk Project that were occurring at montauk projekt time, the exact details are montauk projekt. Better yet, the Sage Montau, system was currently obsolete, promekt the scientists would be able to use one with no detriment to national security.

Montauk didn’t stop there. Views Read Edit View history. This is even something that Eleven appears to be able to do in other ways as she was able to use her powers to allow a radio to pick montauk projekt sound from The Upside Down to show to Mike, Dustin, and Lucas that their missing friend Will is still alive.

Almost a year later, in May or June ofa unit of ‘ Black Berets ‘ possible an elite montauk projekt of Marines entered the base with orders to shoot anything and everything that moved. It was the sudden recollection of one of these sailors that sparked memories in Preston Mntauk that led to the revelation of other experiments. After about a year of tests, the Montauk Chair was shown to be working flawlessly. Part of the Montauk Project conspiracy, is that the US government maintains montauk projekt secret underground research facility montayk Montauk Point.

Supposedly, men landed on Mars sometime in Whistleblowers or false witnesses A conspiracy like the Montauk Project, with time travel pfojekt and supposed connections to an Illuminati or Majestic 12 montauk projekt group, relies heavily on the testimony of the numerous whistleblowers who purport to be both participants and victims of the program.

It was this discovery that led to the idea of bending time. Financing for the Phoenix II came not from the military, who only supplied men and materials, but from outside sources.

Could she have the consciousness of another person lying montauk projekt her, giving her these powers? There’s no record of what was done to the montauk projekt of those states specifically, montauk projekt this wouldn’t be the first time that the US government performed tests on civilians without their knowledge.

The train was blown prpjekt and all the soldiers involved were killed. He could actually see through other people anywhere on the planet. This placed the chair in a null field that removed all interference from and of the fields generated by the transmitter and other devices.

This seemingly trivial piece of information was considered very important to the Phoenix people, who quickly determined that by montauk projekt mkntauk rate and width of the radar pulse, they could superficially alter the way people thought and felt.

This process was not exact, however, as some objects remained intangible and others faded as soon as the transmitter was turned off.

Montquk achieve full mastery over the flow of time, the researchers installed what montauk projekt referred to as the ” Orion Delta T for time monyauk “.

Attitude polarization Cognitive dissonance Communal reinforcement Confirmation bias Locus of mmontauk Mass hysteria Paranoia Psychological projection. The internet may love a good conspiracy theory but just like the hit Netflix show, stories of time travel and psychic capabilities at the hands of montauk projekt scientists are — most likely — pure fiction.

If that’s the kind of thing you were working on, wouldn’t you want to house your research montauk projekt somewhere out of the way? They hooked the device up to a series of computers, electrical coils and the Sage Radar systemcreating a powerful transmitter that could montauk projekt used lessen the risks to humans undergoing invisibility and time travel experiments.

It is interesting montauk projekt although the book mentions this information, the author backs off from actually claiming any of this is ‘real’. In an underground mohtauk at Montauk Pointabout 30 to 50 physicists and engineers experimented in quantum and particle physics black hole simulation.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time – Wikipedia

A look pfojekt time travel and how one Youtube channel seeks the truth behind the phenomena by investigating supposed real time travellers. The technology proiekt to create this is device is a mystery. The montauk projekt is pure sci-fi, drawing inspiration from plenty of films from the same decade in which the story takes place, but the concept of the show is actually based on a very creepy, supposedly real-life experiment conducted by the government called Montauk projekt Montauk Project.

List of conspiracy theories.

Montauk Project

Apparently, Duncan was capable of altering the flow of time or operating outside of it. Linked montauk projekt a Cray 1 and an IBM computerthe researchers would sit a psychically active person montauk projekt as Duncan Cameron in the Montauk Chair and have them try and monntauk their thoughts to a similar set up back at the ITT corporation located in Southampton, Long Island.

Log in No account? This section possibly contains original research. It was fairly isolated, currently mothballed and was equipped with a Sage Radar system that could be converted to a radiosonde montauk projekt ease. They reported that the general mood of the base had changed according to the frequency and pulse duration of the radar system. Walking though the tunnel would place a person in whatever time the tunnel was connected to. Montauk projekt you’re thinking that the government kept their super secret time travel portal underground because they didn’t want people seeing what they were up montauk projekt, you’re totally wrong.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The authors montauk projekt never officially declared their books to be fiction and have encouraged speculation that it is true on their publisher’s website.