Musashi to Payen Interchange / Musashi a Payen Intercambio . Payen to NOK Payen Oil Seal Catalog. 2. DAIHATSU. We are a trading company specializing in automotive spareparts and accessories , and industrial vehicle parts. Products by MUSASHI OIL SEAL MFG – Select, configure, order. MISUMI delivers punctually and offers fair prices. More than 14 million products are available in.

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The delivery date, as stated in your order confirmation is depending on the actual order date and the country.


English German French Italian. Musashi oil seal catalog Adjustment Mechanism with Air Blower. If you wish to receive our response,please use the inquiry form. A high functioning seal with great lubrication. Also used accessorily in combination with A-type oil seal dust seal. My settings Change user data Change password Manage delivery addresses User account management Manage part iol. The type A oil seal is the most commonly used type of oil seal for rotation applications.

We are sorry, but we cannot respond on each feedback. Private and customer information will remain confidential in accordance with our privacy policy. The seal can be used without lubricant under harsh conditions such as high-speed rotation in which conventional oil seals cannot be used.

A high-performance seal with catalo lubrication properties. Products New products Products by application area Musashi oil seal catalog of our partners Recommended products Know-how.


Used muswshi a felt groove, and often used generally pil a grease and dust seal. Legal notice Imprint Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cancellation policy. Widely used as a grease seal. Fluororubber oil seals are highly heat- liquid- and abrasion-resistant, and therefore suitable for use under severe conditions such as under high pressure, in a chemical plant, and for high-speed rotation.

Air flow confirmation fixture. Generally, it is used individually when the sealing musashi oil seal catalog is placed on one side.

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Type A oil seal is the most commonly used type of oil seal for rotation applications. Stock Stock Items Included Clear.

Not Provided Provided Images Clear. The seal can be used without lubricant in harsh conditions in which conventional oil seals cannot be used, such as high-speed rotation.

Generally musashi oil seal catalog alone if the object to musqshi sealed is uni-directional. By preventing the penetration of dust, water, and other external bodies, they help protect the bearings.

As common as type A in rotation applications. A U type oil seal is used if it is necessary to eliminate foreign materials entering from outside. Your feedback Your name on a voluntary basis Your email address on a voluntary basis Your phone number on a voluntary basis We are sorry, but we cannot respond on each feedback.

Our business hours are Musashi oil seal catalog CAD data downloads My components.

Thank you for your cooperation. By preventing the penetration of dust and water and other external objects, the seal helps protect the bearings. Glass Circuit Board Conveyor.

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Transfer and Press Mechanism.