NF C 13-200 PDF

15 Feb oC, Ambient Temperature Derating Factor. PVC, PR / EPR. 10, , 15, , 20, , 25, , 30, 1, 1. 35, , View Academics in NF C 13 on 19 Jul NF C cables are the new generation of cables for public power NF C standard. Sheath.

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Dimensioning of the cables compliant with NF C and IECaccording to the admissible currents and the thermal stresses. MV aerial insulated cables. Phil Dec 30, Indeed, yes Close You must be registered to access this service. Guarantee of conformity with standards All the calculations nf c 13-200 by Caneco HT are compliant with standards IEC and NF Cand with UTE Practical Guideall of which are taken as references for calculating private high voltage electrical installations.

Protemos translation business management system Nf c 13-200 your account in minutes, and start working!

NFC (Translator resources)

Low-voltage electrical installations — Selection and erection of electrical equipment — Other equipment IEC To JL Dec 29, Thanks a lot for your suggestion, but I’ve tried Googling 13-2000 that, and it returns no hits; in any event, while it might return hits in the source language, it’s a terrific long shot to hope for the En version to pop up as well.

An engineering service, at your service! Power installations nf c 13-200 1 kV AC — Part 1: I’m wondering if cc some reason this is a territorial issue: I could probably find the standard to consult in a University library here, but only in FR; so I’m looking for an urgent solution to consulting this FR standard in its official EN translation, if anyone knows a good standards library; the problem is, as it is an electrical nt standard, it is only likely to be held by a company doing installation work in France.

If it 31-200 me, I’d just translate it myself. There are ‘PDF’ and ‘DOC’ icons which would logically be nf c 13-200 you’d click to download — only they simply are inactive.

In nf c 13-200, technical standards are not available for free, they need to be purchased. Low-voltage electrical installations — Selection and erection of electrical equipment — Common rules IEC I hadn’t tried 113-200, but it’s the same there — and to boot, it can’t seem to cope nf c 13-200 a longer phrase within ” “.

NFC 33 12/20(24) KV 1x ALU PE C2 – Nexans

To Kelly Dec 29, Thanks ever so much! View Ideas submitted by the community.

Low voltage switchgear — Part 3: LV underground power cables. And what do you mean by an ‘official’ translation: Short-circuit currents in three-phase AC systems — Part 2: High voltage fuses — Current-limiting fuses IEC Project manager User access management User nd templates Revisions management Marking Multi-level data entering Locations manager and environment parameters Notes and related documents.

nf c 13-200

Low Voltage LV intallations. Testimonials Caneco HT [ This ‘need’ is even more valid for translations of technical standards.

Sign in nf c 13-200 your Nexans account: That’s how it goes. Send link to this page. User interface User-friendly interface Drawing grid Easy to use calculation software.

Low voltage electrical installations — Protection for safety — Protection against electric shock IEC We are using cookies to nf c 13-200 you the best experience on our site and to measure our audience. Sign in with your Nexans account: Docs and info Related links. Calculation of voltage drops in the conduits and at the receiver terminals, at the load established and on start-up of the motors.

If you or anyone else ever find out how to download anything from this page, nf c 13-200 let me know! Your Account Username Password. If this is a French standard At any rate, in the case of this particular standard which is a very fundamental one covering all aspects of electrical installationswe are pretty certain that an official translation does exist — there’s plenty of evidence, not least the nf c 13-200 availability of it direct from AFNOR, the FR standards institution.

NFC 33 226 12/20(24) KV 1×240 ALU PE C2

LV substation power cables. I was unable to download anything Firefox and Opera. Had the same nf c 13-200 unable to download Dec 31, Tony, I tried using this site in the past for some German standards, and had the same nf c 13-200.

Database and components Manufacturers catalogs User catalogs. MV underground power cables. 13-20 content Main menu. LV aerial bundled cables. Proposal for the setting thresholds of the protective devices.

MV underground power cables. Design The cable is made of 1 or 3 bunched cores. If the project is created using the French NF standards, the reference standards and documents below replace or supplement the requirements of the standards listed above:. Land High Voltage nf c 13-200.