View the User for the Thermo Scientific model XL2 RFID Module Z4HXL2. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. Product Specifications. Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 GOLDD x-ray tube-based x- ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are purpose-built for your demanding. Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 x-ray tube-based x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are purpose-built for your demanding applications. When speed, accuracy.

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The display will change to show the year you selected. A test stand is an effective way of analyzing small samples accurately and safely.

You cannot deselect the Niton xl2 manual Range in metals analysis. Diversion is subject to civil and criminal Penalties.

The Niton XL2 provides immediate non-destructive analysis of alloy materials from titanium to nickel, as well as achieving superior nton for tramp and trace element analysis. Selecting this key will move the niton xl2 manual one space to the right. The vertical cursor line indicates the current position along the spectrum. In some locations, dosimetry is required by regulations and in others it is optional. Radiation Protection Basics The Niton Model XL2 analyzer contains an x-ray tube which emits radiation only niton xl2 manual the user turns the x-ray tube on.

The display will return to the previous screen and the Date and Time will be saved.

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What is the tube serial number? Close Button Selecting the Close button will close the current Library without saving it. SpectraView Navigation Use the left button on the 4-way niton xl2 manual pad to expand the spectrum, centered on the position of the cursor. The Data Screen always begins as a Standard Sort, as you have defined it.

Selecting this key will return you to the normal screen without inputting your changes into the field. There are six different methods of operation for niton xl2 manual a sample measurement, and your analyzer will be configured to use one of those methods for alloy samples, depending on the regulatory requirements of your locality.

XRF technology only tests the surface of the material. If Seller provides repair services or replacement parts that are niton xl2 manual covered by this warranty, Buyer shall pay Seller therefore at Seller’s then prevailing time and materials niton xl2 manual. High accuracy and precision. A dosimeter badge only measures your exposure at the dosimeter location.

What is the type of X-Ray Processing? Skip to main content. If Seller determines that Products for niton xl2 manual Buyer has requested niton xl2 manual services are not covered by the warranty hereunder, Buyer shall pay or reimburse Seller for all costs of investigating and responding to such request at Seller’s then prevailing time and materials rates.

Select the digits in the range number from the keypad, then select the E button to enter the number. Selecting the element minimum will open the Minimum Editor.

Browse Related Browse Related. The Niton XL2 x-ray fluorescence analyser has been designed to provide a rugged analytical instrument at an attractive price-point.

Minimum Percentage This is the lowest amount of the element in question you want niton xl2 manual be in the alloy.

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The screen is now calibrated. Niton xl2 manual can change this value by selecting the down arrow next to the value, which opens up a drop-down menu from which you can select niton xl2 manual desired sigma value by clicking on it. Niton XL3t Goldd Plus. For most courier services, no special labels are required on the outside of the Niton analyzer case or on additional packaging. See Viewing the Spectrum for details.

Selecting the appropriate Sort Button once toggles the sort order to High-to-Low. Select the Yes Button to confirm that the parameters are good. When the camera is on, the image will show in the Ready to Test screen, as in Figure The greater the sigma value of the test, the more confident you can be that the sample is as it appears, but the more difficult and time consuming the testing must be to verify this. System configurations and specifications in this document supersede all previous information received by the purchaser.

The Range Time Editor will appear. XL2 The Niton XL2 x-ray fluorescence analyser has been designed to provide a rugged analytical instrument at an attractive price-point. A shock sensor is fitted inside niton xl2 manual the instrumentation; warranty is void if this shock sensor is activated, ix Excessive water, moisture or condensing humidity that breaches the instrument seals, X Excessive or extreme ambient or direct temperature or vi Heavy vibrations directly to the niton xl2 manual for extended periods of time.

This location will depend on how the analyzer is used and so it niton xl2 manual not be the same for all users. Selecting this key will return you to the normal screen, replacing the former contents of the field with the changes you have made. In a loose sense, the standard deviation tells us how far from the mean the data points tend to be. Confirmation Screen Selecting the Yes Button will delete the alloy from the list. An niton xl2 manual of such a program can be found on the resource CD provided with the instrument.

If you are frequently handling low density samples, you should consider the use of test stands, backscatter shields, or the equivalent. While holding the shackle down, rotate it 90 degrees back in either direction and release shackle.

Changing the Year Select the year you want from the drop down menu, using the vertical slider button to display hidden years. You will be billed for a replacement case plus any repairs resulting from improper shipping. niton xl2 manual

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In typical Metals analysis applications, Main Manuao is used for the analysis of most elements, Low Range is utilized for niton xl2 manual subsequent high sensitivity analysis of V, Ti, and Cr, High Niton xl2 manual is is used to optimize the sensitivity for the elements from Palladium Pd through Barium Baand Light Range is typically used in light element analysis.

The minute numbers will be highlighted in gray.

The nigon with placing small samples down on a work surface to analyze them is that you may get readings from the work surface that interfere with analytical results. Whole Body is defined niton xl2 manual the NRC as the head, trunk including male gonadsarms above the elbow, or legs above the knee. Avg Forward Enables you to average different readings together from this analysis forward. The Niton XL2 has the following as standard: When you take a measurement, if you choose to do so, the bitmap image will be saved on the analyzer along with the analysis niton xl2 manual.