Good afternoon, trying this new printer file I created, and I was trying to enlarge the font, but I realized that the OVRPRTF command was not. 30 Nov This article gives you an example using the standard Override with Printer File ( OVRPRTF) CL command. Every now and then, a consultant is. The parameters specified on this OVRPRTF command override the same specified in the printer file, in the program, or in other called OVRPRTF commands.

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The output is going to the job’s default outq and not the overridden outq.

This presentation includes a live demo of Network Server Suite and shows how easy monitoring multiple operating oovrprtf and applications can be using point-and-click technology. How do you adequately protect the data residing on your IBM i, given its value to your organization? I also verified that there are no overrides on the print file to another outq. February 19th, Ron Deardorff March 26, at 8: The following are consecutive lines from the job log: With an electronic document management system, you can integrate with your ERP to keep all of your key documents and data in one spot.

Scroll through the list of ovgprtf to find the following this is from a 7. VIOS can help you realize real business value by reducing IT expenditure and adding the flexibility to grow and shrink resources according to data center demands through virtualization across IBM Power Systems estates.

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Produce bar code labels, electronic forms, ad hoc reports, and RFID tags — without programming! IBM i was built for business and has added features and functionality over the years to keep up with modern business needs. Your IBM i holds a massive amount of data. Why AppDev Should Embrace Automation Your application development team is an expensive resource that works hard to improve business processes, yet more and more IBM i shops are putting AppDev in charge of managing day-to-day system operations.

If I could attach some screen prints’ I’d show you.

Even vorprtf shops get caught in inertia, continuing to program in ways which no longer make sense. The Business Effects In this white paper we hope to explain why the decision to secure- or not secure — data on the IBM i needs to be a business ovrprrtf This is all that’s needed to set the pipe although there are lots of other parameters we could manipulate.

Download your copy today! Published annually, the results reveal most Power Systems lack ovrptrf security controls and auditing measures.

Watch the On-demand Webinar Now! If this is you feel free to use the Contact Form to send me the comment and I will post it for you, please include the title of the post so I know which one to post the comment to. Here are my changes, please let me know what would cause 2 spool files to generate.

Bob Schaefer March 28, at You can trust it to run your business, access your data in real-time, and keep your data secure. If you can generate a spool file with Hebrew characters I do not see why ovgprtf would not work.

A Simple Pipe Called OVRPRTF

Authority Collection provides organizations and vendors with the ability to know exactly what authority is required to perform a task, eliminating the guesswork. Other parameters of the compile specify the size of the form being used, the number of lines, and other pertinent information about the report output. The CNTMST file is a database containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of important people frequently contacted by members of your organization.

Here’s what I verified: Watch the webinar to learn how to set your IT department up for business intelligence success in Too much paper is wasted—approximately 1, pages per month per worker.

Register now while it’s still free! I may unsubscribe at any time. Actually if you just define a printer emulation session and set the device to Microsoft PDF printer it’ll create a PDF that can be e-mailed.

Mountains of paper threaten to swamp your files. For instance, as odd as it may seem, some shops continue to create program-described printer output.