Meribel Ski Piste Map. Free downloadable piste maps. Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Ski Piste Maps, pdf & jpg. Plan out your time on the slopes before heading to Meribel or navigate the mountain while you’re there with our interactive Meribel piste map. Meribel Piste Map. La station de Méribel a tracé pour vous des sentiers réser- vés aux . Circuit en montée, le long des pistes de ski de fond, avec de magnifiques points de vue sur la vallée. itinéraires inscrits en pointillés sur le plan sont un peu plus difficiles.

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Last bit from Stade to lift missing.

Replaced Burgin Saulire 1 in It has around km of pistes in its own right the majority blue, with around 25 per plan des pistes meribel red and under 10 per cent green or blackbut offers access to a total of dse km of pistes served by lifts. Name missing, position is approximate — Stanton keribel The spelling Preyrand is also found, mostly on older signs.

Also spelled Beca, mostly on older signs.

Template modified from original by nodethirtythree under Creative Commons license. Top terminal directly connected to Cime Caron cablecar. Name missing, otherwise complete — Stanton Courchevelnear Jardin des Enfants. Not really a ski lift mostly for pedestrian transport between Croisette and Brelin.

JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps. Complete — Martin Renvoize Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. Otherwise complete — Stanton Two sections one middle station with shared cable. Two more users have added no plan des pistes meribel than one object each.

Zoom in on the summer skiing area from a piste map. Two sections with shared cable.

Plan des Pistes | CHALET ODDIYANA | Meribel, France

Replaced Burgin Saulire 1 in Only the glacier chairlift survives but only listes in the winter Year Published: Country icons by kampongboy92 are under a Creative Commons license. Courchevel Year Published: Older signs show y 30 as the ref number error? Also Beca especially on older signs. Top is complete from the start, bottom needs to be sorted out from Le France onwards – may include some of what is now mapped as Plans.


Sometimes referred to as Orelle. When you encounter an object which someone else has signed off as Completeand you have confirmed it is mapped completely, has all the necessary tags and is correct, use this status and add your signature.

This is a boulevard, accessible in both directions.

Seen near bottom of Pralong. The spelling Tetraz is also found. Altogether, the double-t spelling seems to be more frequent. Name missing, otherwise complete. Thorens newly opened in — Stanton Formerlyextended from the top of Cascades in — Stanton La Taniawikipedia: Check if the object is present on the map and how complete it is, then update status accordingly.

As a result, finding different spellings of merobel same name is not uncommon. It seems the three valleys didn’t bother to check whether a particular name was already in use meribbel another valley: One red piste may still be missing in the list compared to the meribeel abovealthough the list contains three blue pistes more than indicated by figures above.

Val Thorens – Alpage.

Mapped and tagged completely but roughly – traces wanted. Demolished in and replaced with Saulire Express. Val Thorens mentions four new magic carpets in the Val Thorens beginners’ area, but I have found only three; probably Castor et Pollux was counted as two lifts by mistake.

The discrepancies between total and the sum of individual figures may be lifts which don’t fall into any categories rope tows, magic carpets etc. The whole piste is marked in green, despite the fact that it merges into a blue piste maybe due to the vicinity of the village? Mapped from survey near top and Bing imagery. Magic carpet to the right of Arolles covered.