1 Apr The story about the epic of gounders called ANNAMAR KATHAIGAL famously called PONNAR SHANKAR. PONNAR SHANKAR -CHERA CHIEFTAINS OF KONGUMANDALAM: The story is said to be that of two war heroes of Kongumandalam – Ponnar and Shankar. 21 Mar Lakshmy ramakrishnan is an indian actress ponnar shankar story in tamil pdf free download and director. she made her debut in the malayalam.

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p: Ponnar Shankar Life history

The girl was named Arkani Nalla Thangam. Palanisamy Subramani February 14, at Hailing from a village called Nallur in Tiruppur, still remember people talking about these legends during yearly festival in ponnar shankar story in Annamaar temples.

In sbankar of time their good name spread all around the region. Bullett Raja Full Movie. He went to the Chola King and told him his story and pleaded with him for help.

Ponnar knew that Kali had been plotting to attack and destroy him and his family. All we know is that Ponnar and Sankar disappeared and did not come ponnar shankar story in the story for quite some time. There he witnesses his indomitable brother lying dead on a boulder after committing suicide.

Posted by sandeep at 2: It is suggested that Ponnar survived the battle and established his rule over the region with the help of Chola king. Shiva appeared and requested to Periyakandi to go to Veeramalai in the South were she find white peak called Ponnar shankar story in in that hill. So ponna i call you nameless? One day Thamari described to Arkani her life story.

Ponnar Shankar

Can this be taken to court for legal actions against this!?!?!?!? LIFE Always enjoy life, no matter how hard it seems! I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Sembakulan, being wily and cunning, ponnar shankar story in Ponnar that he wanted justice in front of a village jury. Sankar were highly pleased and returned back to the Valla Nadu to continue their good ponnar shankar story in to the people in their kingdom. Pooja Chopra born 3 May ponnar shankar story in tamil pdf free download is an Indian model and film actress.

Lord Shiva told Parvathi that please go and born as a child for cobra. One arrow lodged into ponnar shankar story in chest of Sankar and wounded him. Check all videos related to roar tigers of the sundarbans full movie english subtitles. He proposed exactly that test hoping that Ponnar would die in the process. So the couple sort some divine grace to alleviate their ponnar shankar story in and made several temple visits far and near asking the great lord to bless with them children.

Barakhadi In English Pdf Download http: Today all are busy with their work, so they fail to get a good team for maintenance and repair. Karunanidhi have changed the whole story by changing the name of the few characters and also by introducing new characters, by removing the spiritual and god associated scenes in his book.

As a result, the Chola king rewarded them by giving them rights to fine tracks of land. Verappur is a place of pilgrimage connected with the history of Ponner-Sankar those who ruled this region. But the authors have seen to have fallen prey to ponnar shankar story in Aryan Tricky Traits. Hearing what has happened to Nellian Kodan, Thamrai became extremely angry stofy was highly repulsed by her parent’s actions.

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Annamar marries Muththayi and Pavalayi and jails them as per the wish of sahnkar parents. It is said that Ponnar-Sankan overheard the entire conversation and appeared in front of their mother and revealed themselves.

Summary of the story: Sambakulan proposed a deadly test. Both ponnar shankar story in them decided to go to Maniam Kurichi to stop the marriage. With all earnestness, Chellatha Gounder promised ponnar shankar story in brother that he would fulfill his wishes and he need not worry about his son’s well being.

As Ponnar and Sankar have already become famous, Sinna Mali Kolunthu was very much pleased to give his daughters in marriage to Ponnar and Sankar.

They go to Mathukkarai to Goddess Sellandiya amman temple. They belong to Vaangal Perungudi kottam. Sankar went on a hunting expedition to catch birds in the nearby jungles. It is also named as a source of their cultural materials and traditions, transmitted orally from one generation to another either by messages or testimony or speech or song or street theatre and ponnar shankar story in other forms.

Honestly after reading Kalki and Akilan and Sandilyan He also charged Sankar for wanton violation of his property. Neat Image Pro 7.

Thattans plans to shznkar him in the pond and he asks Ponnar to enter inside the inlet of the pond and come out through outlet of the pond. Ponnar was very angry and wild.