General Concepts and Principles of Republic Act No. otherwise known as the “Cooperative Code of the Philippines. Are hereby amended to read as. AMENDED IMPLEMENTING RULES AND. REGULATIONS OF RA Approved and signed on March 18, FE D. CAINGLES. IDD Director, CDA. 17 Apr RA 1. The Philippine Cooperative Code of ; 2. Signed by the President into law on February 17, and effective fifteen (15) days.

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In the absence thereof, the following shall be observed:. Notice of such meeting shall be given to all members of the respective cooperative, served either personally, or by registered mail with return card or electronic means within the republic act 9520 as indicated in their By-laws. All investments made by the said agrarian reform cooperative for the electrification of the agrarian reform resettlement areas shall be the subject of sale to the electric service republic act 9520 once it takes on the service.

Water Supply – shall refer to the supply of potable water as provided by the cooperative for domestic, industrial, commercial, and other uses. A Notice shall be sent to all parties concerned, indicating the time republic act 9520 date of the conference.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Filing with the Authority the required documents for the registration of merger or consolidation; and. The republic act 9520 of either cooperative shall not affect the existence of the other.

The Authority, in coordination with appropriate government agencies and financial institutions, shall assist the housing cooperative in availing technical and financial assistance for its housing projects. Audit the performance of the cooperative and its various responsibility centers.

The Decision or Award must be stated in repub,ic, concise and definite terms. Transmission of Electricity – republic act 9520 refer to the conveyance of electricity through the high voltage system.

Saan po kayang article yun makikita. Organized to own, operate and manage waters systems for the provision and distribution of potable water for its members and their households. During the same meeting, the sector, republic act 9520, or district shall fill the vacancy.

Engages in medical and dental care, hospitalization, transportation, insurance, housing, labor, electric light and power, communication, professional and other services. Provided, That in no case shall the paid-up share capital be less than Fifteen Thousand Republic act 9520 P15, Certification of the Secretaries duly attested by the Repuublic of the constituent cooperatives that there was a quorum and the required number of votes for the approval was met.

The following are the repunlic principles of cooperativism:. The regular meeting shall be conducted to elect the sector, chapter, or district Representatives or Delegates and for such other purposes as maybe provided in the Bylaws.

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RA Philippine Cooperative Code of ‹ Naujan

For republic act 9520 purpose of these Rules and regulations, the following terms are defined as follows:. Provided, That such services are operated within the premises of the said educational institution; and. ProvidedhoweverThat the security of tenure and the collective bargaining agreement between the cooperative management and the employees shall be respected, with no republic act 9520 of their existing salaries, emoluments, ranks and other benefits.

Monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of the cooperative’s management and control system.

A cooperative shall only distribute its assets or properties upon unlawful dissolution and after payment of all its debts and liabilities, except in the case of decrease of share capital of the cooperative and as otherwise allowed by this Code.

To determine the degree of community, gepublic, environmental involvement and solidarity of the cooperative. Preparation of the Required Reports.

Philippines – Cooperative Code of the Philippines, (R.A. ).

The audit committee shall be directly accountable and responsible to the general assembly. The Share Capital of a republic act 9520, the per value of which may be fixed at any figure not more than One Thousand Pesos P1, It shall be responsible for the cooperative education and training of all officers and members of the laboratory cooperative. Financial Service Cooperativ e.

Represent the Cooperative in any agreement, 9502, business dealing, and in any other official business transaction as republic act 9520 be authorized by the Board of Directors. If the members cannot decide upon the disposal of the reserve fund, the same shall go to the federation or union to which the cooperative is affiliated.

The event was approve dfor posting. ProvidedThat if such refusal is pursuant to republic act 9520 resolution or order of republic act 9520 board of directors, the liability under this article shall be imposed upon the directors who voted for such refusal: The new cooperatives shall become legally established upon registration with the Authority: If they enter into aggreements with other organizations, including government, or raise capital from external sources, they shall do so on terms that ensure democratic control of their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.