SPROCKETS FOR PLASTIC TABLETOP CHAINS. 65 SPROCKETS FOR MULTIFLEX CHAINS one for Rexnord/MCC Table Top/MatTop chains and one for. FlatTop Catalog Rexnord® FlatTop conveyor chains and components are . If the chain, sprocket or accessory you require is not described within these. expressly for induction heat treating chain components and sprockets. Infeed into . Rexnord for a copy of the latest Sugar Mill Chains brochure. Many chain.

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Forward roller chaindrive data to the Link-Belt Roller Chain Operation in Indianapolis who in turn will expeditea recommendation for chain size, sprocket size and chain length.

Offset assembliesare recommended for high speed or heavily loaded drives. Typical drive arrangements using chain tighteners are shownin the preferred drive arrangements below.

Open the catalogue to page 5. In turn, vast Link-Belt warehouseinventories support distributor stocks,allowing for overnight delivery in manycases. If the drive is to operate in a restricted location, check thesprocet radii against the space limitation. This method oflubrication is ineffective at high speeds as well as at very low speeds. No matter how good it is, any rollerchain falls short of being the best if itisnt available when and where itsneeded.

Open the catalogue to page 7. Open the catalogue to page 6. Chain tension should be carefully maintained when thefollowing operating conditions exist: To give you the best, when andwhere you need it.

Thismodification proves particularly useful in applications requiring minimumlubrication or where conditions makelubrication difficult. Offset links may be used to adjust chain length when othermeans are not available. Single-pitch offset links and two-pitch offset assemblies can be supplied. Oil disc lubrication is applicable to therelative shaft positions illustrated below: Link-Belt roller chain has chosen toproduce only the best.

A-1 Many diverse elements go into eachlink of roller chain. Open the catalogue to page Dimensions ofseveral chain tightener brackets are listed on page C Fixed centersVertical or near vertical centersShock or pulsating loadsReversals in direction of rotation Center Each is staffed withknowledgeable customer servicerepresentatives and sales specialists, who are able to aid in matters from thesimplest application questions todeveloping complete power Radial clearancerequired for each sprocket is equal to one-half the sum of its pitch diameter and the chain pitch.

This factorcompensates for either the design or material difference so that a selection can be made from the standard roller chainrating table.

Standard and double-pitch conveyorchains are available with a selection ofattachments to accommodate slats,angles, rollers, crossrods, and other conveying devices. For details, see page B Other arrangements These arrangements are not gener-ally recomended but they will give satisfactory service ifcarefully attended and chain tension is accurately maintained.

Open the catalogue to page 4. Specificationsare shown on pages B-1 through B Single and multiple standard rollerchains, available in 14 sies, meetmost drive requirements.

Falk Marine Gear Drives and Clutches? Conveyor chain design modificationsto meet specific applicationrequirements are described below. Check the small sprocket As shown in the rating table, themaximum bore of a tooth No. Open the catalogue to page 3. An oil disc mounted on the lowersprocket dips about one-half inch intoan oil reservoir.

Doing that requires the highest qualitymaterials, designed and improved bythe best engineering minds, and manufactured aprocket the industrys mostadvanced and precise processes. The oil is thrown off thedisc by centrifugal force, automatically lubricating the chain which is keptabove the oil level.

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Double-pitch drive chains frequentlyprove the economical choice for slowerspeed drives on relatively long centers. Open the catalogue to page 2. Youll find details onthese widely used conveyor chains andattachments on pages D-3 through D Modifications of these chains,developed for special operating conditions, are described Calculate the equivalent horsepower Multiply thehorsepower Determine the number of teeth for the large sprocket Multiply the drive ration by the number of teeth in the smallsprocket.

Establish the material or design variation factor When avariation of standard roller chain is being selected such as stainless steel chain for corrosion resistancerefer to Table3 and determine the appropriate variation factor.

Rexnord Tabletop and Mattop Product Catalogue

If sufficient space is notavailable, consider a smaller pitch, multiple strand drive. This analysis,whether it be selecting chains on a basis of fatigue strength or selecting chains on a basis of wear rate, will be done quickly and efficiently by computer.

Standard roller chain is broadly used in power transmission applications ranging from general industrialapplications to demanding oil fieldservice to operation in such specialied areas as food processing and heavyconstruction equipment. And, everychain manufacturer has the sameopportunity to select the elements which constitute his product. Forced lubrication is recommendedfor large horsepower drives,