19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 28 May ASM & RMAN Interview question with Answer: RMAN Interview question with Answer: What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 12 Feb Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions (11g new feature), you can perform database duplication without backups by using the network.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can also use the checksyntax argument to check the syntax of RMAN commands that are part of a command file. We cannot open it without performing incomplete recovery. Q 11 How can you make sure that only one of rmxn redo log member is created in FRA?

As a DBA, you need to be well prepared for any kind of contingency situation. The backup piece is no longer needed since RMAN has been configured to no longer need this piece after so many days have elapsed, or so many backups have been performed. Data Ni uses direct path API.

It is also used to update statistics and provide a heartbeat mechanism. It is possible to use the How you will recreate a new parameter file with the parameters set to previous values.?

How to identify all the corrupted segments in the database reported by RMAN? It will be preservedin recovery catalog.

Important RMAN Interview Questions and Answers

It related to memory starvation and non selective index use. The tkprof tool is a tuning tool used to determine cpu questins execution times for SQL statements. This information straight out of the database by using SQL queries. As most of the tablespace datafiles are corrupted, we decided to do complete database recovery.

Satya’s DBA Blog: Oracle RMAN Interview Questions for DBAs

Q 20 How to check the version of your recovery answeers DBF restoring datafile to C: What is a Backup set? The value is an Oracle Net service name, which is assumed to be configured answerd on the FAL server system to point to the FAL client standby intervisw.

Usually the flash recovery area and the main database disks are located in such a way that the probability rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g both going down at the same time is very slim. External redundancy, Normal redundancy, High redundancy. In this case, the active transactions roll back. Voting Disk File is a file on the shared cluster system or a shared raw device file. Exporting to disk is faster.

Maintains cluster configuration information as well as configuration information about any cluster database within the cluster.

Each partition of a local index corresponds to one and only one partition of the underlying table. While Oracle instance fails, Oracle performs an Instance Recovery when the associated database is being re-started.

Oracle Clusterware uses the voting disk to determine which instances are members of a cluster. When a cluster node fails, the failed node needs to be fenced off from all the shared disk devices or diskgroups. This site uses cookies. Create the GoldenGate Checkpoint table GoldenGate maintains its own Checkpoints which is a known position in the trail file from where the Replicat process will start processing after any kind rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g error or shutdown.

During backups RMAN uses the log file r,an identify the specific blocks that must be backed up. So we will always try to put control file in a safe and stable place.

What is snapshot control file? This synchronization of the SCNs will make sure we have a consistent backup of database. A backup set contains one or more binary files in an RMAN-specific format This file is known as a backup piece Each backup piece is a single output file The size of a backup piece can be restricted; if the size is not restricted, the backup set will comprise one backup piece Backup piece rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g should be restricted to no larger than the maximum file size that your filesystem will support Image copies: Each channel operates on one backup set or image copy at a time.

Create data file and recover datafile.