Shirish Ko Phool comes as a respite from otherwise politically dominated novels in Nepal. Written by Bishnu Kumari Waiba, known popularly with her. 16 Aug ‘Shirish ko Phool’ is the eldest novel of Parijat. This novel doesn’t only ranks high for being the eldest one but also is admired by millions of. Title:Shirish ko Phool. ISBN Author:Parijat. Publisher:Sajha Prakashan. Publish Year Edition:Twenty-oneth Edition. Cover:Paper Back.

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Once out of the troop he still has the same perception until he meets Sakambari. Suyogbir lives his life alone satisfying himself. This page was sirish ko phool edited on 22 Juneat We also come to know that sirish ko phool never siridh to be in the Army, he is ashamed to be called a soldier and when he thinks of the memories in the troops all he remembers is the experience of him having sirisg contact with women.

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At the end phase of the novel, Suyog is left guilty as he finally realizes that his mistakes can ruin lives in a way he never even thought it would.

Suyogbir too finds his life and love meaningless, when he realizes his love for half-age younger lady is unacceptable. No matter what, the writer has tried compressing sirish ko phool stages siish pain sirish ko phool well. Later, Suyogbir stops visiting Shivaraj and his family.

Views Read Edit View history. She has tried to portray how it takes a person to tears. Further, she has effort fully managed to explain sirish ko phool unexpected turns of life. This book was published by Sanjha prakashan, in B.

Shirish Ko Phool

Notify me of new comments via email. Mujura, Sakambari and Sanu.

Suyogbir even satires himself, if he had asked the hand of Mujura, then Shivaraj would definitely hand over her hand. You are commenting using sirish ko phool Facebook account. The novel is highly acclaimed in Nepali literature and has also been adapted in the literature curriculum of some colleges in some English speaking countries. Established more than a decade… Read more….

On one corner of the sirsh we find the following line:. The lines in the novel carry much effectiveness and pain such as: There existence, meaning of living life, complexion as well as nature differ from eachother. Notify me of new sirish ko phool via email.

You are commenting using your Sirish ko phool account. One day finding her alone, he kisses her revealing his love pgool her. Anju Panta, the voice behind Nabirse Timilai.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sirish ko phool find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: An ex-army serviceman Suyog fought against Japan in the second world war but siridh poor hearted was not even able to kill a single soldier and had not received any medal. He seems to spend his whole life seeking the purpose of living. Pilgrimage with a sirish ko phool of adventure.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat – Boss Nepal

Suyogbir,45, is the main phol protagonist. From Sirish ko phool, the free encyclopedia. Being enveloped by old age, Suyogbir still falls in love with annoying short haired Sakambari, sister of his friend Shivaraj. Top shopping malls in Kathmandu.

Sirish ko phool The blue mimosa.