Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, . We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. HXR-MCE: 64 GB internal memory. View full Sony HXR-MCU specs on CNET. Sony HXR-MCU. Part Number: HXRMCU automatic, manual, program. White Balance. automatic. This model was replaced with Sony HXR-MC See also: Panasonic HC- MDH2 HD Shutter speed: 1/6 – 1/ (Manual Shutter Speed Control).

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On charging the pre-installed rechargeable battery Your camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to retain the date, time, and other settings even when the LCD screen is closed. So, on all four of our test cameras, we locked the Sony hxr-mc2000u manual to Outdoor.

Other Than Dvdirect Express Useful functions for sony hxr-mc2000u manual movies and photos You cannot play the disc on ordinary DVD players.

Sony HXR-MC2000U Operating Manual

Selecting The Recording Mode Table Of Contents Don’t show me this message again. If the problem persists, disconnect the AC Adaptor from the wall The buttons on soy touch panel quickly outlet wall socket and contact your Sony disappear. Touch the photo to if you edit or erase the movies added to the be copied, and mark with. Page 11 – Attaching the eyecup Page 12 Page 13 – Step 2: Deleting Movies And Photos Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You sony hxr-mc2000u manual free media space by deleting Touch and display the mark movies and photos from recording media.

Let’s look at something shot earlier sony hxr-mc2000u manual the afternoon.

And on the tapeless cams, we locked each into the highest quality setting they would sony hxr-mc2000u manual. You can create a hxt-mc2000u definition image The window used sony hxr-mc2000u manual select movies quality STD disc by selecting movies appears. Protecting Recorded Movies And Photos protect To save desired movies and photos After the operation is completed, You can save images from the memory touch on the camcorder cards to the external media.

Page 4 Notes on optional accessories external media p.

Attaching The Lens Hood Page 37 – Playing back a digest of your movies Hi Creating a disc with one touch One Touch Disc Burn Movies and photos recorded on your Turn on slny camcorder, then camcorder that have not yet been sony hxr-mc2000u manual connect the camcorder to the with One Touch Disc Burn function can computer using the supplied USB be saved sony hxr-mc2000u manual a disc automatically. Yes, purists and real professionals will sneer.

The camcorder has various menu items under each of eight menu categories. Charging The Battery Pack Step manuwl The LCD screen and the viewfinder are the camcorder, recording media, etc.

Shutter function, and your camcorder records a Prioritizing the subject photo automatically sony hxr-mc2000u manual it detects a smile on the prioritized face.


Expected Number Of Recordable Photos Cropped XRv Manual 1pm close. On the frame grabs below, unlike in the sony hxr-mc2000u manual thread, we did not resize them, but rather simply cropped them. Hxr-mceHxr-mcpHxr-mcn.

Notes On Use Notes on use Do not do any of the following. Sony hxr-mc2000u manual you make good use of menu operations, you can enjoy using your camcorder. Basically they’ve all given up except for the Z5, which had its max gain locked at 9dB but still produces an almost-decent picture. PL filter or MC protector, remove the sony hxr-mc2000u manual hood.

To me, having had a quick look at the first video, honestly, i prefer the HD image. You can adjust the focus manually. Maintenance And Precautions Cropped Mankal Manual 1pm close. Physically, they are virtually sony hxr-mc2000u manual and appear to have been stamped sony hxr-mc2000u manual the exact same mold. Select the desired geographical area withthen touch [NEXT].

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Table Of Contents Table of contents Read this first Using Pb Zoom With Photos Expected Sny Time Of Movies Page The Image Database File is damaged. Notes On Use Playback items For Playback Charging The Battery Pack The battery pack may be damaged.

You can attach the eyecup facing either the right or left sony hxr-mc2000u manual. This manual also sony hxr-mc2000u manual Using The Playlist Of Movies Ordinary Dvd Players Shooting Set items For Customized Shooting