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Any application program CVB. Q What are E-R diagrams? Dealers sell Product which can be sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala by various Companies.

THis is a good intro for people to read, you might also want to suggest other books to readif they are interested. All the main processing happens on the central host server. The sacrifice to performance is that you increase redundancy in a database.

At this moment SQL Server does not support it directly. In order for the third party application to be integrated properly, it has the following options:. All that logic about normal forms could be replaced with single phrase – avoid data duplication where it’s possible.

SQL Server interview questions –

Please do not think that I am writing this ioirala to show shortcuts to candidates who are searching for jobs on SQL Server. Workload governor sits between the client and the database engine and counts the number of connections per database instance. Shivprasad koirala10 Jan It does not limit the number of connections but makes the connection request go slow.

Yes please part 2 would be gratefully received. Character data is sorted using rules that define the correct character sequence, with options for specifying case-sensitivity, accent marks, kana character types, and 2008 width.

So in short, we can say:. So these three entities have a mutual relationship within them. Tables Customer and Customer Sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala have a one to many relationship i. Database server takes up the load of processing any database related activity and the client does any validation aspect of database.

In Main Frame architecture, all the processing happens on central host server. DB What are the different sections in Page? A good project executioner can get knocked off on simple SQL Server questions. In flat files, we have to parse and know the exact location of field values.

Extent is a basic unit of storage to provide space for tables. As the work is distributed between the entities it increases scalability and reliability.

Actually you can normalize database to fifth normal form.

If we break this referential integrity in DBMS and files, it servef not complain, but RDBMS will not allow you to save this data if you have defined the relation integrity between person and addresses. Whenever the interviewer is trying to go above the third normal form, there can be two reasons, ego or to fail you.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

What are the different type of normalization? Great information on database theory and its aplication within Microsoft products. Q What is Extent and Page? Now, some years down the line a third party application has to be integrated with this file. Multi-user capabilities mean that at one moment of time more than one user should be able to add, update, view and delete data.

So the advantage in such type of architecture is that you need least configuration clients. Denormalization is the process of putting one fact in numerous places it is vice-versa of normalization.

Articles Quick Answers Messages. In File sharing architecture, which is followed by Access database, all the data is sent to the client terminal and then processed. When a single-byte character half-width and the same character when represented as a double-byte character full-width are treated differently then it is width sensitive.

Dealers in order to sell the Product should be registered with the Company. Sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala order for these tables to be in First normal form, you have to modify the table structure as follows.