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Ralph in Boise May There are eight data pages in an extent. In other words, each non-key field should be a sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala about all the fields in the primary key. But when you start working, it’s really rare when you check your database structure with normal forms. However, there must be at least sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala language whose statements are expressible, per some well-defined syntax, as character strings and that is comprehensive in supporting all the following items:.

Articles Quick Answers Messages. DB What are the different sections in Page? However, the advantage of this architecture is that your server can be of a low configuration. Anyway, the article is really great, in case you want to check out T-SQL questions, check out it here. Multi-user capabilities mean that at one moment of time more than one user should be able to sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala, update, view and delete data.

Well detailed and thought out. Following is the list of architecture differences between them:. The sacrifice to performance is that you increase redundancy in a database.

Now, some years down the line a third party application has to be integrated with this file. As new records are inserted new data, pages are allocated. NET programmer working on projects often stumbles on this question, which is but obvious. A good project executioner can get knocked off on simple SQL Server questions. It is set of rules that have been established to aid in the design of tables that are meant to be connected through relationships. So as soon as the eight pages are consumed, it allocates a new extent with data pages.

Add some more questions sithmichel Sep 2: When a single-byte character half-width and the same character when represented as a double-byte character full-width are treated differently then it is width sensitive. File meets the storing, managing and retrieving part of a database, but not the independent way of accessing data.

But it just makes the database engine go slow above eight connections. My vote of 5 manikandan. Thanks for the article.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

Message Closed Jan JM Associate can sell sweets under the following two conditions:. You can see SQL syntax varying from vendor to vendor. My vote of 5 bruceshining Jan 7: User interacts sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala a dumb terminal that only sends keystrokes shivprasda information to the host.

The bad part is sometimes the koieala can take this as a very basic question to be answered and it can be a turning point for the interview.

Tables Customer and Customer Addresses have a one to many relationship i.

A sweet summary and you will rock. All zhivprasad logic about normal forms could be replaced with single phrase – avoid data duplication where it’s possible. Moreover too much optimization could hurt your app performance, so I would extend paragraph about “denormalization” with a couple of examples.

Yes please part 2 would be gratefully received. It does not limit the number of connections but makes the connection request go slow. Actually you can normalize database to fifth normal form. Manish Chadha Aug So let us try to see what koira,a facts are.

Normal forms is really funny thing. Do not forget to watch my Learn step by step video series. If we break this referential integrity in DBMS and files, it will not complain, but RDBMS will not allow you to save this data if you have defined the relation integrity between person and addresses.

Thus, there is no need for off-line volumes to tell you the structure of the database. Introduction In this article sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala will go through the most basic and frequently ny interview questions on SQL Server. All the main processing happens on the central host server.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

Denormalization is the process of putting one fact in numerous places it is vice-versa of normalization. This much can convince the interviewer that you are clear about the differences. When Japanese kana characters Hiragana and Katakana are treated differently, it is called Kana sensitive. So let’s cram it.

Q What is Extent and Page?