Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig: “I had never heard of Zweig when I just more or less by chance bought a copy of Beware of Pity. I loved this first book. 7 Mar For years, Beware of Pity was the most important book I’d never read. I’d read other books by its author, Stefan Zweig: a melancholic Austrian. To undertake a review of the re-issue of Stefan Zweig’s Beware of Pity is an unexpectedly daunting enterprise. One does so in the shadow of Michael Hofmann’s.

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His novel Beware of Pitycomposed over a period of years and completed in there are 11 extant — volumes of notes and drafts that attest to Zweig’s painstaking work on his only full-length novel itself very pointedly has almost nothing to say about contemporary stefan zweig beware of pity, on the surface at least. Inspired by the honorable conduct of the doctor when he married one of his blind patients after failing to fulfill his promise to heal her, Mr.

One does stefan zweig beware of pity in the shadow of Michael Hofmann’s eviscerating review of the re-issue and English re-translation of Zweig’s memoir The World of Yesterday trans. We loved so many of the same things. Views Read Edit View history. Jun 20, Pages Buy. He leads her on romantically, unable to contend with the possibility that a lame girl might experience capacious sexual desire.

Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig

View all 24 comments. It is, conversely, when Zweig leaves behind the breathless adolescent and starts playing the schoolmaster, when he wishes to earnestly teach his lesson about pity, hard-earned or dryly cobbled together at his desk—I don’t know which—that I lose interest: Can you imagine the descriptions of his profound stefan zweig beware of pity If you didn’t know that, however, you’d stefan zweig beware of pity just as likely to think it was written in the s.

If you trimmed all the fat, this novel probably would have been one hundred pages instead of Beware of Pity is an impressive yet incredibly sad story and one that will resonate with readers long after they’ve read it.

Did you become entranced—as I did—by its nostalgia for the Austro-Hungarian Empire in those moonlight days before the Great War? Quem lhes consagra a vida redime o que a vida lhes roubou. Indriven into exile by the Nazis, he emigrated to England and then, into Brazil by way of New York. His narrator doesn’t feel anything as prosaic as mere mere joy.

Neither had I dwelled for long on the ramifying consequences of actions triggered by that o. To which one might have countered: So begins a series of visits—motivated primarily by pity—which lead to disaster, not only for Lieutenant Hoffmiller, but for the Kekesfalva family too.

As a pedagogue Zweig is indeed second rate. Zweig studied in Austria, France, a Stefan Zweig was one of the world’s most famous writers during the s and s, especially in the U. The choice to avoid the book became less and less conscious as the years went on. It’s also a fascinating study stefan zweig beware of pity human psychology and the interior realms.

From front to back it’s a novel, pure and simple. When I finished Beware of PityI did mourn: The story is set in Ukraine on the eve of World War I in After Stefan zweig beware of pity Mann, Stefan Zweig was perhaps the most well-known and widely read author writing in German before the Nazi period.

Dan Vyleta reviews Stefan Zweig’s Beware of Pity – Asymptote

How stefan zweig beware of pity it would be, I thought, to sit beside her bed, stroking the delicate, tender hand in mine again and again, seeing the rosy smile of happiness light up her face. Following Hitler’s rise to power, the first project Zweig embarked on was a biography of Erasmus, which he described as “a quiet hymn of praise to the stefan zweig beware of pity man”.

He refused to be drawn out, and said in correspondence that his reason was that anything he said would probably only make their situation worse. The great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was a master anatomist of the deceitful heart, and Beware of Pity, the only novel he published during his lifetime, uncovers the seed of selfishness within even the finest of feelings.

Open Preview See a Problem? May 14, Tony rated it liked it Recommended to Tony by: And why would a man like Zweig, wounded by a pitiless tyrant, choose the dangers of pity for his theme? It stfan the idea of pity and really explores it as a human emotion.

Rereading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig

Feeling pity for the girl, Hofmiller makes trips to see the Kekesfalvas nearly every day for an extended period. Want to Read saving…. There’s an interesting premise here which might have made a piquant and telling novella – stretched to this overlong length, it loses direction rapidly.

This has a ring of interior psychological veracity and shows just how sharply Zweig could pay attention to his stdfan inner workings. The central question is: The Great War ruined and erased everything, and reduced the past almost to a state as if it stefan zweig beware of pity never been. The fruits of the melodramatic imagination may often be gaudy; they have the virtue, however, of rarely being dull.

Feb 29, Pages Buy. Srefan you help only one other human being you have made sense of your life. View all 38 comments. Inspired by Your Browsing History. I didn’t know exactly what that meant until I read this and realized it was too drawing-room for me.