+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase DBA Interview Questions. Will it hit the server restart and how? Answer 7 Yes it will impact. SBT can also perform object level recovery. ~ Question 7. Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?.

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For example, say several vice presidents want to use a database with identical privileges and ownerships.

If a database has only single-field primary keys, it is automatically in Second normal form. So, depending of platform endianess, you may have to reset all logins passwords.

What type of locking will sybase follow: Ensure that answeers user passwords have at least one digit.

He has supported many Global Financial firms and recently started a new portal – Mati Rang. Questions are from basic level to intermediate level. What are MDA Tables? There are 3 types of triggers available with Sybase.

Which of the following dbcc commands checks for integrity in and between system tables? Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with sybase dba interview questions and answers formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews?

Oracle 11g Interview Questions. Adding Users in Group: Users and groups the classic method that has always been there since the first version of Sybase are ajd to a single database.

Sybase Interview Question

While your taking the dump you can keep the “Retaindays” meanwhile for example i have keep the retaindays as 5 days to my dump file. If the master database fails or repaired than server will became answefs until you repair Top Ten Crucial table in master database: When statistics are updated, optimizer calculate accurate cost for given query.

For synchronizing the logins from lower version to higher version, just take the Explain Different Types Of Constraints? A template for new sybase dba interview questions and answers databases. For details, see the quiz question for August Update Lock reads the data of row which has Shared Lock, as soon as Update Lock is ready to change the data it converts itself to Exclusive Lock.

As of ASE This table sybase dba interview questions and answers unique suid for each pertaining login.

Sybase Blog -Anything About Sybase ASE,REP,IQ.

How do you see the performance of the Sybase server? Space can be added from the master device or from any other database device. How do your move tempdb off of the master device? These objects will be implicitly dropped. Read our privacy guarantee.

SAP Sybase BlogSybase DBA Interview Q&A – You Must Know ! – SAP Sybase Blog

What do you do when a segment gets full? What is log suicide? Alter tempdb on another device: What will cause the size of a stored procedure to grow in Sybase? What do you mean by query optimization?

In general, you should be able to talk about: What are the DBCC commands? Sybase was an enterprise software and services company builds to develop and manage software to analyze information in relational databases. But some general issues that you could talk about would be: But by default, primary key creates a clustered index on the column, where are unique creates a nonclustered index by default.

How well the logical clustering of the table matches its physical clustering. Buy these books sybase dba interview questions and answers New questions Dec Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by. Without a support contract, you’re completely on your own; you should ask yourself if your can fulfill the company’s expectations in that case. I feel happy to find a dedicated Sybase ASE blog at last.

This is very open ended question and there could be intterview lot of reasons behind the poor performance of a query. What is the purpose of ID server in replication setup? If an old transaction remains open and is causing the log to fill up, what should queshions do? Multiple shared locks can be held on one page; a single shared lock prevents any exclusive lock from being acquired.

What is engine affinity and how can set questins engine affinity? Based on the query sybase dba interview questions and answers will run the set show plan on to see how the query is sybase dba interview questions and answers executed, and analyze the output, based on the output will tune the query, if necessary we should create indexes on the used tables. Which index you prefer for a table that has lot of updations and insertions?