1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts’ electrifying trilogy comes to an end, as three men and three women join forces—and hearts—to. Title: The Pagan Stone (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series: The Sign of Seven Trilogy) Author(s): Nora Roberts ISBN: / 3. 29 Nov Nora Roberts ends her Sign of Seven trilogy with a bang. an engaging romance, the strength of The Pagan Stone comes from its love story.

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This was my first Nora Roberts read and I am glad I gave her books a try. Cal and Quinn, and Fox and Layla have all had the opportunity tue use their skills to gain progress against defeating the demon, and now it is Gage and Cybill’s turn.

She has achieved numerous top five bestsellers in the UK, including number one for Savour the Moment, and is a Sunday Times hardback bestseller writing as J. I’m sorry, I was just bored by this book. They both have heavy baggage they’re carrying around. I am giving this a 4 star because it made me laugh out loud when the guys were teasing each other or when the whole group was teasing each other, there were parts that were very funny.

Island of Glass Nora Roberts.

The demonic villain, referred to as Twisse, never seems to say exactly why he wants to destroy the town so badly. And it falls so tragically, disappointingly, heart-breakingly short.

The Pagan Stone

Gage and Cybil use their gifts of seeing into the future to figure out how to use the blood stone to kill the demon, but their insight is only posibilities of what the future holds. The books revolve around the xtone theme of three friends, born on the same day forming a bond of blood brothers and releasing an old evil to their town. So, great action, awesome plot, perfect ending. Tne perfect conclusion in this trilogy!

We are experiencing technical difficulties. I love happy endings! I also didn’t like that a major part of the plot resolution involved all three women characters becoming pregnant.

The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts |

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Out of the three heroines in the trilogy, she’s my favorite, but that isn’t saying much because I didn’t pagsn like Quinn Blood Brothers and Layla The Hollow. Books by Nora Roberts. He needs to because he’s a professional gambler. Normal People Sally Rooney. I have barely heard of her.

Unfortunately, but the time the figure out what they really feel, it may be too late. So, my plea to you Nora Roberts is this. Ela tem uma maneira de escrever muito http: The son of an abusive drunk, his childhood in the small town of Hawkins Hollow was tough–his only solace his friendship with Fox O’Dell and Caleb Hawkins. Otherwise, get out of the publishing business.

This was back to com After the disappointment that was Layla in the second book, this noora was already an improvement As for the series as a whole Call me a wuss, but The Pagan Stone scared the living daylights out of me. I’m not going to compare the trilogy to IT; it’s obviously going to come off all the worse for the comparison.

Three Fates Nora Roberts. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Between the positive light and the whole Pxgan Stone, Gage is willing to sacrefice himself by going into the dark evil and using the stone to open the noar to destroy the demon and send him back to hell. Added by 7 of our members. Jan 09, Ashley rated it it was ok Shelves: Cybil Kinski is a top-notch researcher and she is using her skills day and night to figure out the last clues that will help them defeat the robefts that is fast approaching.

Things go splody, and it’s not really much of a spoiler for me to conclude that our six demon fighters do prevail. The eventual climactic fight was suspenseful and well-plotted, and Roberts did not Nora Roberts never seems to disappoint!