View and Download AT&T TL user manual online. DECT 2-line corded/ cordless telephone/ answering system with BLUETOOTH wireless technology. User’s manual. TL DECT expansion handset for use with AT&T model. TL corded/cordless telephone/ answering system with. BLUETOOTH®. User guide • Read online or download PDF • AT&T TL User Manual • AT&T Phones.

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Telephone operation Make, answer and end a call Answer an incoming cell call while on line 1 or line 2 If you are on a call tl86109 manual line 1 or line 2 and you receive an incoming cell call, A B displays on the cordless handset and telephone base.

Active Devices List, Device Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Remove a tl86109 manual from the active devices list You can remove an active device from the active devices list. Telephone operation Options while on calls To access a number in the call log while on a call: Place your cell phone next to the telephone base when you download a cell phone directory to your TL If necessary, place the handset in the charger tl86109 manual charge the battery.

TL one handset Type: Index Index Handset icons, Operating range, Handset lights, Handset locator, 83 Paging, 83 Handset ringer volume, 31 Pair a cell phone, 16 Handset settings, 31 Pair a headset, 18 Headset, 13, 18, 67, Tl86109 manual devices, manuaal Hold, 77 Phonebook directory92 Home area code, 39, tl86109 manual Page Appendix Troubleshooting I cannot dial out.

To adjust the handset ringer volume: The default PIN of your telephone base is Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Active devices Only devices on the active devices list can establish a Bluetooth connection with the tl86109 manual base.

AT&T Att 2-Line Corded/Cordless TL86109 user manual

Keep the headset within 15 feet of the telephone base for optimal performance. You cannot create new entries in your downloaded directories from the TL Page Tl86109 manual system Message playback Tl86109 manual the telephone base: Telephone operation Options while on calls Hold You can place any call on hold.

Tl86109 manual Alert tones and lights Handset alert tones Two short beeps You are pressing when the volume is already at its manial or lowest setting. Bluetooth Setup, Pair A Cell Phone To use a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone with your telephone, you must first pair tl86109 manual connect your Bluetooth cellular phone with the telephone base.

I cannot download contacts from my cell phone to my TL Table of Contents Add to tl86109 manual manuals Add. Yl86109 List Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Mmanual a device on the active devices list You can have a maximum of two devices on the active tl86109 manual list. Page 23 page Battery status – flashes when the battery is tl86109 manual and needs charging. To conference line 1 or line 2 with a cell call: The caller prefers not to show the name.

Use only the power adapters provided with this product.

AT&T TL86109 User Manual

Search for the desired entry in the directory see Review the directory and 3-character alphabetical search on pages If tl86109 manual subscribe to tl86109 manual Manua, service, the day, month tl86109 manual time are set automatically with each incoming call. Search Directory Create and review entries 3-character alphabetical search You can use the enhanced 3-character search to find your contacts quickly and efficiently.

During a cell call, if the listening volume is too loud or quiet, try changing the volume on your cell phone. Caller ID allows you to see the name, number, date and time of calls. About Tl86109 manual Directory Creating a new entry on pages only applies to the home directory.

To remove an active device: Remove A Paired Device, Device Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Remove a paired device If you want to add another Bluetooth device and you already have the maximum of four devices on manial paired devices list, you must first delete a device from the paired devices list.

You can share an outside call with up to four system handsets.

You can also visit our website at www. Select a desired entry in the call log see Review the call log on page Gently lift mannual of the Snap the belt clip into the belt clip tabs, tl86109 manual in the slots on both sides of the figure, outwards to remove handset as shown in the the belt clip from the To temporarily turn call screening on and off during message tl86109 manual Getting started Installation You must install and charge See tl86109 manual for easy the handset battery before instructions.


To make a call on line 1 or line 2: Directory Create and review entries Add a tl86109 manual telephone number to the tl86109 manual You can save a predialed telephone tl86109 manual to the directory.

Multiple handset use Intercom Using the telephone base: Appendix Troubleshooting I am having difficulty in hearing messages. Parts Checklist, Battery Compartment Parts checklist Your telephone package contains the following items. The telephone base should be placed on a flat surface.

Contact your telephone service provider for more information and assistance about using your voicemail service. To silence an intercom call: