2 May In recent years, the De Re Militari of the Roman writer Vegetius, regarded in the Middle Ages as the authority on war, has increasingly drawn. A classic of the ancient world of warfare De Re Militari (Concerning Military Affairs), written in the 5th century by Vegetius and translated from the original Latin. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Essential.” Choice “The full story of Vegetius in the medieval era The De Re Militari of Vegetius Kindle Edition. by Christopher.

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The latter, therefore, from their facility of acting everywhere, are certainly the most useful and necessary troops to a state exclusively of the consideration of their being maintained at militarii less expense.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The tribunes likewise inspect the work and should not vegetius de re militari the place till the whole imlitari finished. TRADITIO is headed by a seven-member editorial board, who select the articles for publication at an annual meeting; the editor carries out the regular business of the journal.

They are also exact in entering the time and limitation of furloughs, which formerly were never granted without difficulty and only on real and urgent business. But it is almost impossible for men to vegetius de re militari in concert under such varying and unsettled circumstances. The Praetorian gate should either front the east or the enemy. For though after the example of vegetius de re militari Goths, the Alans and the Huns, we have made some improvements in the arms of the cavalry, yet it is plain the infantry are entirely defenseless.

The rest are called Munifices, or working soldiers, from their being obliged to every kind of vegetius de re militari work without exception. The officers who in action commanded the orders or divisions are called Ordinarii. If surrounded on all sides by the enemy, you must make dispositions to receive them wherever they come, and the soldiers should be cautioned beforehand to keep their arms in their hands, and to be ready in vegetius de re militari to prevent the bad effects of a sudden attack.

He who aspires to victory, should spare no pains to form his soldiers. Epitome vegetijs Military Science. We shall next examine whether the city or the country produces the best and most capable soldiers.

Full text of “The Military Institutions Of The Romans [De Re Militari].pdf (PDFy mirror)”

These collections were kept in baskets miltiari the custody of the ensigns, chosen for their integrity and capacity, and answerable for the trust and obliged to account with every man for his own proportion. They had shields, cuirasses, helmets, greaves, swords, daggers, loaded javelins, and two of the common missile weapons. If a numerous army continues long in one place in the summer or in the autumn, the waters become corrupt and the air infected.

In vegetius de re militari open country you are more liable to be attacked by horse than foot. For if you are once surprised by the enemy before you are in a proper posture of defense, you are thrown into irrecoverable confusion, and you can no longer draw any assistance vefetius the neighboring vegetius de re militari The other javelin was of smaller size; its triangular point was only five inches long and the staff three feet and one half.

The chief ensign of the whole legion is the eagle and is dw by the eagle-bearer. Troops, defenseless and exposed to all the weapons of the enemy, are more vegetius de re militari to fly than fight.

A multitude never broke out into dr sedition at once and with unanimous consent.

My design herein is to point out the certain method of forming good and serviceable armies, which can only be accomplished vegetius de re militari an vegetius de re militari imitation of the ancients in their care in the choice and discipline of their levies. The foot were obliged to march completely armed the distance of ten miles from the camp and return, in the most exact order and with the military step miliitari they changed and quickened on some part of the march.

Besides this, the indispensable military exercises of running and leaping must be acquired before the limbs are too much stiffened by age. The Romans followed their example, and both practiced their institutions in their armies and preserved them in their writings. And every man, whether in a vegetius de re militari or military station, serves God in serving him faithfully who reigns by His authority.

Time and opportunity may help to retrieve other misfortunes, but where forage and provisions have not been carefully provided, the evil is without remedy. They are organized into four books:. But the complete Roman legion, in its own peculiar cohorts, contains within itself the heavy-armed foot, that is: The first thing to be done after entrenching the camp, is to plant the ensigns, held by the soldiers in the highest veneration and respect, in their proper places.

If we follow the ancient practice, the proper time for enlisting youth into the army is vegetius de re militari their entrance into the age of puberty.

And they afford certain proofs of the importance vegetius de re militari effects of discipline in the difference we see between those properly trained in this branch of drill and the other troops. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The expense of keeping up good or vegetius de re militari troops is the same; but it depends wholly on You, most August Emperor, to recover the excellent discipline of the ancients and to correct the abuses of later times.

Those who received double were called Torquati Duplares, and those who had only single, Simplares. By these means the troops were provided with places of drill sheltered from bad weather.


For little can be expected from men who have both the enemy and diseases to struggle with. From it, among other things, we learn details of the siege engine called the onagerwhich until recently was thought to have been common in medieval sieges. Dispositions for Action http: Some soldiers, however, were dde for the service of the praefects, tribunes and even of the other officers, our of the number of the accensi or such as were raised after the legion was complete. We formerly had two legions in lllyricum, consisting of six thousand men each, which from their extraordinary dexterity and vegetius de re militari in the use of these weapons were discingui.

The heavy armed foot-soldier, formerly the backbone of the legion, was falling a victim of his own weight and immobility, and the light-armed infantry, unable to resist the shock of cavalry, was turning miligari and more to missile weapons. He was instructed in what manner to advance and retire, and vegetius de re militari short how to take every advantage of his adversary; but was vegetiua above all particularly cautioned not to lay himself open to his antagonist while vegetius de re militari his stroke at him.

He not only was entrusted with the eagle but miligari four centuries, that is, four hundred men in the first line.