How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. How to integrate Amazon Cognito for User Authentication New; How to integrate Jasper Reports into a WaveMaker App New; How to generate PDF Files using. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the.

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Provatar or project avatar, to give a visual image of the type of project. UI Elements — Widgets 3. Widgets get their data from backend Services through binding to Variables.

It can be set at the time of project creation by selecting an image from the drop down list. This dialog allows you to: Mobile UI Design 2. Overview Variable Types Classification of Variables based on the source and purpose.

There are various affordable purchase options — monthly or annual. Template Bundle can be built like an application sans data binding. Newbie Guide to App Building. For example, multiple apps in an organization could be using the same database or the same security mechanism.

API Proxy supports fault tolerance and automatic fail-over to multiple backup nodes. Reference Actions Implement the business logic, documentationn and data flow Actions assist in invoking a backend API, Database operation or navigation to another page when a UI event occurs.

Once you purchase the app, you can continue app development and deployment. API Discovery Enable app development. Before starting wavemqker product walkthrough, let us get familiarized with some of the terms commonly used in Studio parlance. Mobile UI Design 2. The description that you provided while creating a project or Prefab.

API Designer

App Building Process iv. You only need a way to action them. Know more about Configuration Profiles from here. Building a Responsive Web Application. App Member Details gives the number of Members working on the project with an option to open the Member details dialog on click. Mobile Widgets How to enable page navigation using Tabbar How to customise Navbar How to use search widget within leftnav How to add sliding leftnav New How to use Barcode Scanner widget with web service.

How Tos Documentation – WaveMaker 8.x

Re-usable arrangement of one or more widgets in the docu,entation content that together capture the purpose of the page.

For example, a dashboard template is typically created with charts, data table, and other wavemwker. A fully finished page has a Layout and Content. Manage and drive adoption of existing APIs. UI Elements — Widgets and Prefabs 3. This application maintains an inventory of the assets provided to the employees and keeps track of the requests made for assets from various employees of the organization and assigns them accordingly. Binding of the Variables to Widgets helps in capturing the data from the user or fetching data from the backend services.

Variables doucmentation Data Integration 5. Product Terminology Before starting with product walkthrough, let us get familiarized with some of the terms commonly used in Studio parlance.

Import of the Template Bundle to the Studio workspace ensures that all the templates within the bundle are available across the apps for selection at the time of page creation just like the default templates. Model Variable can be used as storage model to store data on the client. A Catalog of Assets is available for rocumentation with user role to place their requests. This can be overridden at the widget-level by setting the appropriate widget property Project Shell used in building the app, non-editable Created date is the project creation timestamp, non-editable.

Once you create a project, the Main Page docu,entation created by default. Managers can, in addition, view the list of all employees. Documebtation to capture user selection How to handling dynamic data How to displaying custom data. Our API platform offers a Web-based portal for application developers to explore, browse, invoke, test and subscribe to published APIs.

Documentation Reference – WaveMaker 8.x

By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Themes can be selected from existing default list or custom built to suit the app needs. At the end of the day trial, you get the option to buy and continue working on the app.

Prefab is a reusable, API-integrated component that can be used across apps. Manage Deployed Apps open the Cloud Portal for managing release pipeline for deployed apps. Reference Template Bundle Custom templates built into a bundle. Describe, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services using Swagger, the most popular specification standard. A layout is HTML Markup defining placeholders for page components such as header, footer, top navigation, left and right panels, and main area.

Project Settings You can view and change project details and settings from the Project Settings dialog. This can be used as a starting point in app development.